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    142 mi / 229 km
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    Rosso Corsa
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    Vereinigtes Königreich
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  • Leistung 
    6 750 BHP / 6 844 PS / 5 034 kW
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- One of the Finest Examples for Sale Anywhere in the World
- Specified with Ultra Rare "Cuoio" Leather
- Delivery Mileage
- 1 of 400 Worldwide
- The Ultimate Collector's Car
- Ferrari Classiche Certified
- Complete with All Original Tool Kit, Cover & Books
- UK Registered with All UK Taxes Paid
- EU Supplied

Aptly named after the founder of Ferrari, the late Enzo Ferrari, the Enzo has become more than worthy of the name since entering production in 2002. Having had input from 7-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, the Enzo applied F1 technology to an extent that hadn’t been seen before in a road car. Not only had the gearbox, brakes and handling been perfected for the Enzo, but Ferrari fans also saw the introduction of a brand new, 6.0L V12 engine, producing over 650bhp and thrusting the car to 60mph in just 3.1 seconds – a figure which, at the time, was barely comprehendible and still holds up with hypercars to this day.

The Formula 1 inspiration didn’t stop with the technical aspects of the Enzo. There is a clear design nod towards Ferrari’s championship winning F2002 car which, as the name suggests, was active for the 2002 Formula 1 season and achieved Ferrari’s first world championship win in the new millenium. Additionally, the Enzo was built in celebration of this victory, and to demonstrate to the world just what was possible from a road car in the 21st century.

Just 399 Enzos were originally produced, with a 400th car coming later, specifically built for Pope John Paul II and eventually being auctioned for charity. This rarity, along with its Formula 1 ties and incredibly impressive performance figures, have proven the Enzo to be a paragon amongst the Ferrari lineup and a fantastic collector’s car, having multiplied in value throughout its over-20-year existence.

This particular Ferrari Enzo was originally supplied to the EU in 2004 where it resided with a collector until 2013, when the car was bought by Romans and imported into the UK, becoming registered in January 2014 with all UK taxes paid. With genuine delivery mileage since new with recent mileage only added for annual servicing this car remains in 'as-new' condition. With a rare factory specification which includes a Cuoio Leather interior, this is an unbeatably classic colour scheme for many Ferrari enthusiasts. Being Ferrari Classiche certified and supplied with all its original book packs, leather cased tool kit and Ferrari car cover this is a highly prized example worthy of the finest collections in the world with renowned Ferrari expert and historian Tony Willis describing it as the best example he's seen. Opportunities to acquire an example of such provenance and low mileage do not come around often and we feel highly privileged to be able to offer it for sale once again.

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