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  • Perhaps the ultimate evolution of Ferrari’s V-12
  • Track-focused version of Ferrari’s acclaimed 812 Superfast
  • Astonishing performance from 819 brake horsepower engine
  • One of only 999 examples produced
  • Finished in Rosso Corsa red with Giallo Fly yellow livery
  • Odometer reads only 90 kilometres at the time of cataloguing

Few Ferraris of the modern era have generated excitement comparable to the furore surrounding the 812 Superfast—intended to replace the F12berlinetta—as it was revealed at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.

The 812 Superfast arrived amid great fanfare as Ferrari’s two-seat, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive flagship model, and the fitment of a 6.5-litre 789 brake horsepower V-12 engine ensured that it more than lived up to its name. It was marketed by the Maranello marque as the “fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet” and interest in the car was understandably huge.

Four years later, Ferrari raised the stakes even higher with the unveiling of the 812 Competizione, hailed as the “ultimate expression” of an extreme front-engined berlinetta. The purpose of the 812 Competizione from the outset was clear: to show what was possible when development of a supercar was forensically targeted on extracting the maximum performance at every turn, with the intent of delivering peerless driving pleasure.

At the heart of the car’s appeal was, of course, the V-12 powerplant, which had been upgraded to a breathtaking 819 brake horsepower, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated engine to ever feature in a Ferrari road car. In tandem with this, the rev limit was raised from 8,900 rpm to 9,500 rpm, aided by engineering solutions that included lighter component parts, and a carbon coating for the camshafts that increased durability and reduced friction.

Further adding to the 812 Competizione’s allure was its likely significance as one of Ferrari’s final petrol-powered machines, with Maranello bosses obliged to develop powertrain solutions away from the internal combustion engine. Ferrari has not yet confirmed its long-term plans for its signature V-12 formula, but it is likely that the 812 Competizione will represent one of the final opportunities to enjoy the majestic blend of smoothness, power, and intoxicating soundtrack that it delivers.

As you would expect of such a finely honed supercar, the performance figures are startling. With all that power transferred to the road via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 0-100 km/h is dispatched in 2.85 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 7.5, and a top speed of 340 km/h is claimed by the factory. Furthermore, the 812 Competizione’s quickest recorded lap time at Ferrari’s feted Fiorano test track is one minute, 20 seconds, putting it in exalted company among the brand’s road cars—behind only the electrified SF90 XX, SF90 Stradale, and LaFerrari.

A Ferrari with such a magnificent pedigree was always going to be highly coveted by marque collectors, so it was no surprise that news of its launch in limited numbers in 2021 was immediately accompanied by confirmation that all 999 examples had already been sold. The fact it has been an extremely rare sight at auctions since has only added to the 812 Competizione’s mystique.

With only 90 kilometres on its odometer at the time of cataloguing, this 2022 model is presented with an array of well-considered personalisation options that give it a unique look and feel. Ferrari’s famous Rosso Corsa paint finish is complemented by a central stripe in Giallo Fly yellow with a Nero black border, while yellow brake callipers and Pirelli tyres with yellow detailing make the wonderfully crafted 20-inch carbon-fibre wheels even more prominent.

The flamboyant colour scheme continues inside, where Rosso FX red Alcantara upholstery and a Rosso Ferrari-coloured steering wheel are enhanced by yellow detailing throughout, including the seat belts, leather stripes on the Daytona racing seats, stitching on the headrests, and dashboard inserts.

Many carbon fibre options have been specified, including the front air vents, inner door handles, instrument cover and parcel shelf, while a suspension lift system and front and rear parking cameras promise to make life easier if the 812 Competizione is used at slower speeds in urban environments, rather than on the track.

Ferrari has produced no shortage of iconic grand tourers over the decades, and the 812 Competizione is a worthy successor to the legends that preceded it. The availability of such a distinctive version is sure to capture the attention of brand aficionados the world over.

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