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  • Kilometerstand 
    35 885 km / 22 298 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
  • Elektrische Fensterheber
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  • Zustand 
  • Markenfarbe außen 
    Bianco Avus
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  • Leistung 
    620 PS / 457 kW / 612 BHP
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The Ferrari 599 GTB F1 Fiorano from 2007 offered here is first-hand and chequebook maintained. A Ferrari in Bianco Avus is rarely seen and gives the car a particularly elegant, yet very sporty charm. The roof of the Ferrari is finished in black to match. Thanks to various special accessories ex works, this Ferrari 599 GTB F1 Fiorano leaves nothing to be desired. From a carbon-ceramic brake system and roll bar to an interior carbon kit, parking sensors, electric Recaro seats and a Bose HiFi sound system and much more.

The V12 with 6 L displacement is powerful and accelerates the Ferrari from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. After 11 seconds, the 200 km/h mark is already reached. Those who like to listen to music while driving will be impressed by the very high quality sound of the Bose HiFi sound system, as long as you rein in the accelerator. If you don't, the brute V12 is so powerful that no sound system can compete with it.

When you start the V12, it feels as if you are sitting in pole position in a Formula 1 car. The very sensitive accelerator pedal pushes the revs towards the limiter in the blink of an eye and they return just as quickly. Racing feeling guaranteed!

Special features
- Roll bar
- Carbon-ceramic brake system
- Rosso Corsa brake callipers
- F1 gear lever
- Recaro seats electric
- Bose HiFi sound system
- LM_rims 20" Monolitic
- Scuderia Ferrari" emblems
- Carbon kit 2 for interior, F1 gear lever, steering wheel plate
- Leather upholstery rear panel and door sill trims
- Parking sensors front and rear
- Colour choice cockpit headlining in leather
- Daytona" seat design
- Telematic Radio Navigation System
- I-Pod device
- electrochromic interior mirror
- Freight and incidentals Ferrari
- Rev counter in giallo
- Daytona Stripes in rosso

History of the series

The Ferrari 599 was produced from 2006 - 2013 and is the successor to the Ferrari 575. Different versions of the Ferrari 599 were developed, such as the 599 GTB, 599 GTB HGTE, 599XX, 599 GTO and SA Aperta.

The Ferrari 599 GTB F1 Fiorano was named after the Fiorano test track where Ferrari develops race and road cars. GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta and F1 for the paddle shifters on the steering wheel, whose origins lie in Formula 1. The F1 SuperFast gearstick performs gear changes in less than 0.1 seconds. Only 30 examples were produced with a 6-speed manual gearbox of the classic Ferrari shift gate.

The aluminium chassis of the 599 GTB was a new development and brought a significant weight saving. The basis for the V12 was provided by the engine of the Ferrari Enzo Ferraris with 620 hp, which is slightly less than the base. Nevertheless, at its launch the 599 GTB was the second most powerful Ferrari behind the Enzo Ferrari. It has a transaxle design with the gearbox on the rear axle, which makes for better weight distribution. A special feature is the "F1-Trac" traction control, which was developed for the 599 in collaboration with Michael Schuhmacher.


The vehicle is located in our showroom in Stuttgart-Plieningen, close to the airport/trade fair. A test drive and an inspection on the car lift are possible by arrangement.

The sale takes place on request with new inspection, service and TÜV. We also offer a wide range of accessories for your new dream car. If required, we can also deliver the vehicle to you in a closed trailer.

Opening hours: Mon - Sat by appointment

Carola Daimler Cars is a company owned by the great-granddaughter of inventor and visionary Gottlieb Daimler. We collect, trade and broker classic cars, youngtimers and collectibles with potential and history. We place particular emphasis on quality, history and preserved charm.

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