1993 Ferrari 512


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For sale in our upcoming auction on September 16th at the Montreux Palace, exhibition on the Montreux Palace garden, from September 13 to 16. The 512 TR proposed is presented in its original livery, usual Rosso Corsa, black leather with a very light patina. Showing 61 ' 000 kilometers, this car was economically used by its previous owners, and was also maintained in very good condition.
The paint does not accuse tarnishing and leathers present well, without tear or real wear.
Equipped with its original wheels, its stamped pads and its original protective canvas, this beautiful 512 is ready to set off with its new owner. It stood out from our road test that sound 12 cylinders works perfectly in the stocking and at high speed and the suspensions perform totally their function. Gearbox engages easily even under cold conditions. Revised regularly and very well maintained, our Ferrari is thus in a very beautiful condition. However, in spite of a followed history, services need to be made quickly. So, the last change of the cambelts goes back up to 2014, thus they will be to replace it to respect the Ferrari prescription. With less of 2 ' 300 produced examples, the 512 TR is certainly the best finished and the most impressive example of the Ferrari Boxer generation engines. It is a model more sought than Testarossa today. More details of the car and registration for online or telephone bid here : www.galartis.ch / +41 21 695 25 25

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