2016 Ferrari 488


  • Baujahr 
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    5 000 km / 3 107 mi
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Introduced at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, the 488 GTB is the newest and most thrilling chapter in the history of Ferrari's V8 mid-engined supercars. A replacement for the venerable 458 Italia, considered by many to be the best and the ultimate of all Ferraris of this kind, the 488 GTB delivers thrills that only can be found in a true Prancing Horse.
With 85% of its components is entirely new, retaining only the greenhouse and roof of its predecessor, it is a supercar capable of delivering an entirely new driving experience. After the introduction of the California T in the second half of 2014, the first Ferrari to use turbocharging technology after the F40, the 488 became the first performance oriented mid-engine Ferrari to use twin scroll IHI turbos. These two high-tech titanium-aluminium turbines in ball bearings help deliver the 3.9 liter V8 a staggering 670 hp and 760Nm of torque available at 3000 rpm. The 488 benefits from improved aerodynamics which minimize drag and improve efficiency and provide a degree of downforce. The front double splitter redirects air both towards the radiators and under the body of the car, where it is accelerated by an active rear diffuser featuring computer controlled flaps that optimize the flow of air in both under hard acceleration, high-speed cruising and hard braking conditions. A "blown spoiler" a device that replaces an unsightly wing in the back by adding an air channel through the rear helps to maximise downforce and reduce drag, allowing for higher top speeds. Top class handling is ensured by a pack of features such as the latest generation Electronic Differential, active suspension and Ferrari's unique Side S lip Control 2 a software which controls the drift angle of the car, allowing for fast and highly thrilling drifts while driving on the track.
The 488 GTB is the ultimate incarnation of Ferrari's popular V8 line up of mid-engined supercars, which best of all can deliver both thrilling performance and road car practicality