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    340 PS / 251 kW / 336 BHP
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Completed: 1973
Originally delivered: France
Original colour: Marrone Colorado 2.443.221 metallic
Original interior: Beige VM 3218

The 365 GTC/4 has been originally delivered in the colour combination of Marrone Colorado with a contrasting beige full leather interior. It found its first home in France having been delivered in January 1973 by the French market importer Charles Pozzi/Paris.

It changed hands in France a couple of times and ended up in the Netherlands where its has been restored nicely. It still has its original dashboard in very nice condition but received a complete wonderful new leather interior. It benfitted as well from a major rebuilt of the technique which is documented by an extraordinary file of bills and service records out of the last ten years. The engine compartment looks like a brand new car professionally detailed by a very known Ferrari specialist. The invoices available in the archive file which is
accompanying the car are showing appr. an amount of 70.000,- € only for the time the car has been restored in the Netherlands.

After having bought it in 2011 we decided to step into the bodywork which ended in replacing the rocker panels and some more rust repair and a complete new paint job on a very high standard. The work carried out is documentetd by lots of detailed photos and invoices.

In 2012 it found a new home in the region of Frankfurt being frequently driven by its new and proud owner. In the last eight years the car was perfectly serviced at the well known Ferrari specialist Jochen Frick/Die Sportwagenspezialisten based as well in Frankfurt. This is documented by a large amount of service records totalling appr. at 20.000,- €.

We inspected the matching number engine and found only the best possible results at an engine leak down test having full compression on each cylinder.

We have test driven this 365 GTC/4 intensively and we can say that it drives flawlessly, the engine produces lots of torque, the gears are shifting faultlessly, There is no vibration from the drivetrain and the brakes working perfectly as well. Our last test drive has shown how much developed these cars have already been in the early seventies. The C4 is a wonderful cruiser with a very nice relaxing driving position, a real fun to drive it.

Knowing that the C4's are technically very close to the nearly triple expensive Daytonas this car seems to us a very nice and reasonable entry into the Ferrari world. The 365 GTC/4 is the last forgotten Ferrari classic having a tremendous 12 cylinder 4 cam engine, 5 speed gearbox, disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension plus the power steering which made it more expensive
than a Daytona in its early days.

Ferrari produced 1284 Daytona but only 500 C4 left the factory from which 31 have been sold as rhd cars and nearly 300 of them have been manufactured in the US version for the American market. I can only recommend to everybody to see the real value of these wonderful and rare early Ferrari thoroughbreds.

They are still completely underestimated especially compared to their lovely design and their way they drive.

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