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French registration
- First rare model of the production
- Sold new in Germany
- With all original documents
- No reserve
- Only 525 examples built, one of 216 produced in 1973

This Ferrari 365 GT4 2 + 2 was the Ferrari with the longest career in its different versions 365 GT4, 400, 400i and 412, for 17 years of production run. Launched in 1972, it was powered by an engine derived from the 365 GT 2 + 2, developing 340bhp. The car on offer was delivered new in Germany by importer Auto Becker, in Düsseldorf. The first owner, Mr. Horst from Hürth-Hermülheim kept the car till 1988. It then passed into the hands of two owners in Germany where the car was maintained scrupulously, as shown by the invoice file, by Modena Motor Sport in Langenfeld. The car arrived in Paris in 2000 and was acquired by its current owner (presumably the fifth owner) in 2004 from a dealer. The clutch was redone in 2004 by Forza Motors at 60,700 km. In 2006, the top engine was redone at Isotta Automobiles, at 69,362 km. The bill was 11,824 and recorded by the accompanying photograph file. This 365 will be delivered with its original leather case containing the warranty booklet, manuals of the Becker Mexico auto radio, its manual 'Servizi di vendita & Assistenza 1973', and its service and operation manuals. A Guide Michelin from 1973 completes this precious set of documents. It now shows 74,000 km on the odometer and the car has always been maintained in a very proper manner by its Parisian owner. The car's condition is superb and the original black leather interior is beautiful. As soon as you turn on the Becker radio, the power antenna rises automatically, a very good indication of how well the car has been maintained and taken care of.