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    78 575 km / 48 825 mi
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  • Zustand 
  • Markenfarbe außen 
    Rosso Corsa
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In 1985 Ferrari replaced the successful 308 with the improved 328. Many modifications were made to body, interior, chassis and most notably the engine which increased to 3,2 litre to offer more power and torque. The 328 is still considered as one of the most reliable and functional Ferraris, and is a nimble and fast sportscar. Ferrari built 7412 examples of the 328, divided in 6068 GTS versions and only 1344 in GTB configuration just as the car we are offering for sale.

This particular example was delivered new in Italy, and was sold to an Italian living in Belgium in 2005 with a mileage of 70.513 km. The car comes with a full service history since 2005, and has just gone through an extensive maintenance including replacement of the cambelts. Of course all documented with invoices. The mileage is confirmed with a Belgian Car-Pass and gives a nice overview of the mileage in recent years, with an average of about 500 km per year. Total mileage today is 78.575 km, and the car still looks absolutely stunning. The full leather interior in Crema has no signs of wear, and every single button still works as it should. The paint of the car is still for 80% original and in perfect condition. Technically, this 328 is in mint order (and it is one of the best 328's I have ever driven to be honest). Being a GTB it is a rare car and the ancestor of two of the most important Ferraris ever : the 288 GTO and F40, which the car still very much ressembles.

If you want to start collecting Ferraris, this is still a rather affordable way to enter the fantastic world of Ferrari. On top of that it is a great drivers car with a very sexy shape, finished in the one and only Rosso Corsa as a proper Ferrari should be. This is the best version from the complete 308/328 range, and for that reason we believe it can only go up in value in the coming years.

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