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French title

- Lovely presentation
- Regular and recent maintenance
- Powerful and smooth car
- No reserve

The Paris Motor Show, 1975 : Ferrari unveiled a car that would be built in greater numbers than the entire output of models produced during the marque's first 20 years. To achieve this success, the 308 GTB combined a compact and powerful mid-positioned 3-litre V8 engine with elegant styling by Pininfarina and sporty handling that attracted a clientèle of enthusiasts. In 1985, the engine increased in size to 3.2-litres producing 270 bhp, giving a top speed of close to 260 km/h. This upgrade was accompanied by aesthetic modifications including more enveloping bumpers at front and rear and a spoiler on the roof. This new version was called the 328 and continued the success story started by the 308, with over 7500 examples built. The GTS version has the benefit of a removable roof panel, allowing its occupants to make the most of sunny weather.

The 328 GTS presented here was bought at Artcurial in 2005. The odometer displays 89 972 km and it is in satisfactory condition, with no major work to be envisaged as the belts were changed by the collector's mechanic. The black leather interior is in good condition and everything is in working order. It is complete with its toolkit and the overall presentation is nice. These models are becoming increasingly popular, being easy to maintain, great to drive and offering superb handling.