1982 Ferrari 308


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    Argento Silver
  • Markenfarbe innen 
    Rosso Red
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Guide price: £65000 - £75000. <ul><li>UK-supplied, RHD, GTSi with just 11,663 miles and three former keepers</li><li>Full Ferrari book-pack, tool-roll and original sales invoices</li><li>History file includes servicing bills, letters and photos </li><li>Unrestored but in fine mechanical health; owned for 29 years by a pilot </li></ul><p>The 308 GTB, launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1975, was conceived as a direct replacement for the 246 Dino.  Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, the man who styled some of the most iconic Ferraris including the Daytona, the new 308 had a rakish and attractive body which fused classic elements of Ferrari styling with a thoroughly modern design.  Perhaps one of the most recognisable designs ever penned for Ferrari, the 308 was an instant hit and it came to define late 70's and early 80's sports cars.</p><p>For the first two years of production, the body of the 308 was produced in fibreglass, before the decision was reached to change to steel.  It shared a similar tube frame chassis to the original Dino and 308 GT4, with four-wheel, double wishbone, independent suspension and a transversely mounted 3-litre, four-cam, 90-degree, V8, with belt-driven twin overhead camshafts. The 'Targa' topped 308 GTS arrived in 1977 and was perhaps best known for its regular appearances on the television series ‘Magnum, P.I'.</p><p>Although Ferrari had used fuel injection in a number of their single-seater and sports racing cars, it had been considered too complex for use with road cars, however, as time went by, the technology improved until in 1979 fuel injection was introduced on the 400GT.  Perhaps the ousting of Weber artistry was inevitable not only from an engine development point of view but also to help in meeting the increased demands of the legislators in a number of export markets.  Whatever the reasons, it became Ferrari policy to introduce fuel injection on all production models.  For the 308 in 1980, Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection was added and coupled to a Marelli MED 803A Digiplex electronic ignition system, incorporating a coil, distributor and ignition module for each bank of cylinders.  These modified engines produced 211bhp, whilst the final drive was altered to give similar acceleration to a carburettor car, with the whole car weighing just under 1,300 kilos.</p><p>The car presented here is a right-hand drive, UK-supplied 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi, in the striking colour combination of Argento Silver with a Rosso Red leather interior.  This special car has accrued just 11,663 genuine and verifiable miles, which is supported by an original stamped-up service book, signed letters between owners, an MoT history check, and a wealth of invoices and is, of course fully 'matching-numbers'.  In addition, the car has changed hands only a few times, with HPI showing just 3 former keepers (the original owner registered it to his business at some point) over some 36 years.  </p><p>The car was delivered on the 25th June 1982 via H.R. Owen Ltd. (Ferrari) of South Kensington to its first owner Mr Hall, who bought it as a retirement present.  Intriguingly, the car’s history file still contains the original sale invoices and related paperwork between Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. and the Ferrari factory detailing the car’s specification and options.  It was ordered new with metallic paint, air-conditioning, 16’’ alloy wheels and TRX tyres – plus £6 worth of petrol!  It was routinely serviced by Ferrari up until approximately 6,000 miles.  </p><p>On the 1st November 1985, the car was bought by Mr Bradshaw, himself a retired long-serving British Airways aircraft Concorde pilot and engineer.  He owned the car for the next 29 years, only covering just over 4,000 miles, but always ensured it was routinely serviced and garage-stored.  In 2005 the car was entrusted to Ferrari specialists ‘Talacrest’ for a full service and cam-belt change with the mileage at 9,857.  </p><p>In November 2014 the car was sold to Mr Hutchinson, another Ferrari enthusiast, who ensured that it was fully serviced by Ferrari Specialists ‘Rardley Motors’, with the mileage at 11,097.  Their engineers were very complimentary about the car, commenting that it was mechanically very sound and had obviously been treasured over the years.</p><p>As you’d expect, this lovely Ferrari presents, both mechanically and cosmetically, in very good condition. It has never required any major mechanical work due to its regular servicing, low mileage and garage storage.  Very few 1980's Ferraris have lived such a pampered life in the hands of so few owners, and the benefits are clear to see with this particular car.  Small details like a complete Ferrari book-pack (in its original folder), a full set of keys, factory stickers still in situ, and a Ferrari tool-roll help support this dutiful ownership.  </p><p>This is a simply lovely genuine example of a Ferrari model that is becoming increasingly sought-after, with a, possibly unrepeatable, mileage, </p><p> </p><p> </p><div><br /></div>