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Registration : French papers

- Ageless styling
- Originally sold in France
- Attractive estimate

One of the main stars of the Paris Motor Show in 1975, the new Ferrari 308 GTB styled by the Pininfarina design department is without question one of the most emblematic designs of the Prancing Horse, with its inspiration drawn from the lines of the 512 BB and the Dino 246 GT. Named 308 (“30” for 3.0 litres engine capacity and “8” for 8 cylinders), this model used the chassis of the Dino 308 GT4 but with a wheelbase shortened by 21 cm and it had the same 255 bhp engine. With a dry sump engine allowing a particularly low-slung, compact and sleek shape, the 308 GTB immediately won the hearts of all Ferrari lovers and car enthusiasts in general.

The Ferrari 308 GTB we propose into our catalog has been sold the 10th of March 1978 by the Ferrari dealer named Davenat Automobile in Bayonne, near Biarritz. It is the most desirable version, fitted with a dry sump and without catalytic converter. Discreet in her original black colour different from the usual rosso corsa , this car looks in nice conditions. With only three owners from 1984, this 308 GTB shows only 59 221 kilometers at the odometer. Inside, the beige leither shows a nice patina, and the dashboard also in good conditions is still fitted with his original car radio. The engine has been overhauled last July by a Ferrari dealer which changed the belt drive and did an engine drain. Moreover, with four new tires, this beautiful 308 GTB has the perfect skills to seduce all the Ferrari enthusiasts !