1977 Ferrari 308



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- Coachwork by Pininfarina/Scaglietti
- Rare early glassfibre-bodied dry sump model
- One of only 712 vetroresina 308GTB coupés produced
- Ideal for European hill climbs and rallies, like the Tour Auto

The 308GTB offered here has lighter glassfibre (vetroresina) bodywork and dry-sump lubrication of the very first cars produced, which are the most sought after by enthusiasts today.

Introduced at the Paris Salon in 1975, the stunningly beautiful 308GTB – Ferrari's second V8-engined road car - marked a welcome return to Pininfarina styling following the Bertone-designed Dino 308GT4. Badged as a 'proper' Ferrari rather than a Dino, the newcomer had changed little mechanically apart from a reduction in wheelbase, retaining its predecessor's underpinnings and transversely mounted quad-cam 3.0-litre V8 engine that now featured dry-sump lubrication. In road tune this superbly engineered power unit produced 255bhp, an output good enough to propel the aerodynamically efficient 308 to a top speed of 150mph (240km/h).

Produced initially with dry sump lubrication and glassfibre (vetroresina) bodywork - the first time this material had been used for a production Ferrari - the Scaglietti-built 308GTB used steel after April 1977. The change brought with it a considerable weight penalty (around 80kg) and consequent reduction in performance, as well as an increased susceptibility to corrosion. Naturally, anyone wanting to race a 308GTB started out with the vetroresina version if they could.

This desirable 308 GTB was finished by the Maranello Works the 15th of February of 1977 and is one of only 712 vetroresina 308GTB coupés produced.

Some 24 years ago the Ferrari was in France with a Mr. Prat Yves from Vaux Sur Seine, a small town located north central of France and in 1996 the odometer was reading 71865 Kms.

Later the Ferrari was sold in good roadworthy condition to a Spanish collector where we have been able to purchase the Ferrari as a part exchange on the selling of an Aston Martin DB MKIII.

Housed in a dry warm garage and used sparingly, the Ferrari was displayed at various shows and used for a few tours.

The Ferrari has been serviced in October 2015 at Ballers Falcon in Barcelona with a detailed invoice in the file of 13.967,- Euro.

Fully refreshed in 2015, this rare and desirable Ferrari is freshly ready for a new registration.

The Silver paint shows a nice patina, with some characteristic hairline-cracks that these early fiberglass 308's are known for.

The Ferrari is a very correct example, and beautifully represents the beginning of a great era for Ferrari. According to us as well as many magazines the Vetroresina is a very collectible, usable, iconic and rare Ferrari.

Off-course we were immediately checking if this 308 had the well known Vetroresina details on the body and luckily it had. Unfortunately also fake examples are on the market due to it’s rarity and limited availability.
The body is in a very nice condition. The paint is very nicely shining and all other parts such as the wheels are also in a condition as you might expect from a collectors car so very very nice.

The original saddle interior shows remarkably well, while the vinyl dash, fascia and console area remain in excellent condition. The car's engine and storage compartments display original finishes and factory markings, as would be expected and the overall fit and finish of doors and lids are very nice.

As younger generations of collectors enter the market, the interest in these classic Ferraris is bound to increase. Most Ferrari enthusiasts will tell you that 308s are wonderful driver's cars that will surely make great additions to any collection.
This specific example is due to it’s latest service a fantastic driver.
She starts immediately and the noise is superb.
The handling is superb as can be expected from a Ferrari.


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