1967 Ferrari 275


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    52 723 km / 32 761 mi
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Numbers-Matching Example Offered with Books, Tools, and 47 Years of Records Documenting Careful Custodianship. A Pinnacle Berlinetta and an Opportunity to Invest and Enjoy Simultaneously.1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4s/n 10675, engine no. 10675Celeste over Black Leather InteriorAmong Ferrari collectors and sports car enthusiasts alike, there is little argument that the 275 GTB/4 sits prominently among some of the greatest sportscars ever produced. Originally launched as the 275 GTB and heralded as one of the finest and most beautifully sculpted cars ever built, Ferrari would unleash their most powerful and refined version of this already capable car with the updated quad-cam engine, resulting in the GTB/4. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Salon in October 1966, the 275 GTB/4 was a monumental Ferrari, surely among the most important and significant sports car presented at that time. The very first Ferrari four-cam road car, the GTB/4 owed a great deal to sports racing prototypes of the era, unleashing the future of Ferrari performance engines, while standing firmly against competitors with this spectacularly conceived front engine V12 supercar.Building from the perfectly proportioned long-nose two-cam 275 GTB, Scaglietti added a central bulge to the bonnet, suggesting that something greater lurked beneath the elongated hood. Indeed the 3.3-liter tipo 226 engine rested with dignity, beautifully cloaked beneath the Pininfarina designed coachwork, inspired by Ferrari's successful line of prototype cars. While the 275 was a powerful and well-balanced car, the GTB/4 featured twin double-overhead-cam heads, dry sump lubrication, 9.5:1 compression, an impressive lineup of six Weber 40DCN carburetors, and a 5-speed transmission. The free-revving quad-cam engine developed 300 bhp with monstrous low-end torque and dramatically improved overall usability. Beyond its exquisite quad-cam engine, the 275 GTB/4 benefited from other impressive refinements, including a torque-tube driveshaft, fully independent suspension, and more modern interior appointments. Beautiful, civilized, and devastatingly fast, Ferrari's GTB/4 Berlinetta owned the roadways from 1966-1968 with a mere 300 examples constructed when new. Still cited by automotive historians and collectors in the top ten of most highly prized sports cars, the 275 GTB/4 offers incomparable motoring and unparalleled ownership satisfaction among performance-minded enthusiasts.According to the report prepared by Ferrari Historian Marcel Massini, detailed original ownership and service records supporting the history dating back to 1973 this car is a very special example of early-era Ferrari preservation and restoration, dictated by passion and dedication. After chassis #10675 was delivered to Scaglietti in September 1967, the car was completed in Argento Silver with Nero Leather interior, and instruments in Kilometers. In November 1967 the completed car was delivered on order #1068 to SAVAF, the Official Swiss Ferrari importer in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1970 the car was exported from Switzerland to the United States. The next known owner, Paul Bilhuber, NJ is in possession of the car as early as January 1973, bearing the New Jersey license plate 507 AWE, documented by a dated invoice showing approximately $1,000 worth of service, at 21,624 kms. Service records from 1973 and 1974 (included with the car) continue in Bilhuber's name until he offers it for sale in April 1974, advertised in the Ferrari Club of America Newsletter. At that time, the car is described as silver with black leather and under 17,000 miles (converted to miles in the ad. not kilometers) featuring extensive rebuild with many new parts.In May 1974, the car is sold to Jerry Leonard, IN for the sum of $12,500.00. Leonard, an enthusiast with impeccable taste in cars and the resources to pursue such desires, also owned GTB/4 #10051 and a Porsche 550 RSR (bank check for his purchase included in documentation). Driven by perfection, Leonard engages some of the top Ferrari experts to restore the car to a very high standard from 1974-1975 including FAF Motorcars, numerous parts from Algar Industries, and other notable vendors, copiously documented with hand-written notes, several color photographs, and details of the restoration work. At that time, Leonard refinishes the car using the Ferrari color "Celeste" and configures the carburetors with velocity stacks. In May 1976, Leonard shows the car at the 13th Annual Ferrari Club of America National Meeting and Concours d'Elegance, held at Mid-America Raceway in St. Louis, MO where it earns 1st place in class. Leonard retains the car until September 1999 when it is offered for sale (see Ferrari Market Letter Vol. 24, no. 10-12) by Ferrari of Los Gatos for $359,000.00. At that time, the car shows 48,000 kms. The next owner, Howard Wolf, MD purchases the car in 1999 and performs maintenance and repairs as needed including cosmetic improvements, brake and clutch work, and a new set of Michelin tires. In 2003 the car is represented for sale by Francois Secard and later Nick Soprano with the asking price $395,000.00, then showing 50,448 kms. In 2004, Edward Carter purchases the car and subsequently exhibits it at the 2004 Greenwich Concours and later 2007 XVI Cavalino Classic. Under his ownership, in 2011 with 51,346 kms the car receives new center exhaust sections, tail pipes, and two new mufflers, a correct factory air cleaner is installed, the carburetors are tuned, gaskets replaced as needed, a new fuel sending unit installed, and various other details tended, totaling over $13,000.00. The current owner recently purchased the car and has driven the car only minimally over the past few years, maintaining it as needed.Over the course of documented and thoughtful ownership this GTB/4 has amassing just 52,000 kms as indicated on the odometer today. The following dated service invoices and ownership documents qualify the accumulated kms as shown throughout the chain of ownership.2020 - 52,7232011 - 51,3482007 - 51,1402000 - 49,1101975 - 42,1871974 - 24,189 (Feb)1974 - 23,050 (Jan)1973 - 21,624Among the many original components accompanying the car, the impossibly rare and original complete tool kit and roll, as well as original factory literature, further highlight the consummate care and historic preservation this car has enjoyed throughout ownership. Further, several experts believe much of the interior to remain original including the seats, dashboard, instruments, steering wheel, and many detailed interior components. Conclusively displaying the matching number engine, gearbox, and many period correct components this important and documented 275 GTB/4 truly exemplifies everything a low mileage enthusiast-owned and documented Ferrari can offer.Today the overall condition of this Ferrari is beautiful, dramatic, and wonderfully refined, particularly as rendered in the Celeste exterior finish. Although the paint has mellowed over time, the condition overall is very nice retaining a high-quality gloss with excellent luster and evenly distributed metallic concentration throughout all surfaces. Excellent panel presentation throughout the bodywork further support the fine craftsmanship achieved during the restoration performed many years ago. There is no evidence that indicates any of the body panels have been replaced. There are minor areas of use evident in the finish, particularly at the front of the car, but only various imperfections, and certainly acceptable ones given the era of restoration. The finish has a warmed presence, one that looks and feels very much in keeping with the history of care, but still proudly elegant. The exterior trim, emblems and chrome details are properly polished, showing excellent detailing including proper finishing inside the doorjambs, and inner surfaces. The thin chrome headlight trim is perfectly sculpted and properly fit to the fenders, concealing correctly stamped original headlight trim rings. Of particular note is the elongated front view of the car, accentuated by the quad-cam hood bulge captured between the voluptuous front fenders. The artfully shaped chrome bumpers and various trim are beautifully polished, supported by proper fit to the sinewy body. All openings function as expected with tight closures and excellent panel gaps circling the perimeter of the floating hood, curvaceous doors, and sculpted Kamm-back trunk lid. Optional when new, the four correctly sized and visually stunning Borrani RW 4039 alloy Borrani wire wheels show their original date stampings along with a correct set of Michelin XWX 205/70 VR15 tires mounted and ready for enjoyable driving. Every aspect of this car has been thoughtfully presented from the emblems, script lettering, and lenses to the distinctive GTB/4 exposed chrome trunk hinges, and carefully polished garnish molding; representing the finest in design excellence and contemporary restoration.The interior is a remarkable testament to the care and long-term early years of ownership that have preserved this car so well. Believed by Ferrari experts to retain the original excellent black leather seats, the condition is very nice with only minor evidence of use in the driver's seat bolster with evidence of use consistent with kilometers shown. The dashboard, also believed to be original, is clean and taut housing a commanding array of instruments with excellent glass, crisp numeric indication, and good color. The black leather center console offers just enough space for essentials like driving gloves, passport, and a small case of Ambasciator Italicos to share with friends upon arrival. The carpet and floor mats show signs of use, but the headliner and surrounding rear panel materials are all in very good condition, showing some age since the restoration was completed, but offering a very satisfying and cohesive impression, especially when seated inside. Finishing off the interior is the quintessential Ferrari crested