1961 Ferrari 250

GTE - Fabulous restoration by Cognolato & Patella


  • Baujahr 
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    1 354 km / 842 mi
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This extraordinary Ferrari 250 GTE was ordered new by a Belgian gentleman from Liège via the Garage Francorchamps in Brussels. The original Ferrari build sheet mentions that chassis 2353 GT was built as a « Coupé 2 +2 », finished in « Bianco 12435 MM » with « Pelle Nero 8500 ». The car was invoiced by Ferrari Sefac to the Garage Francorchamps on March 23rd 1961 at a price of 4.690.000 Lire and M. Adrien Desoer registered the car on June 7th 1961. The color scheme and interior of the car convey a remarkable combination of sobriety and elegance. Out of interest he was the last surviving heir from a prestigious family in the Liege area that notably founded « Le Journal de Liège ». Though pretty uncommon, white is one of the most flattering colors for a GTE, Ferrari notably used a similarly colored car to illustrate its period catalogues and for its press pictures .

After using the car sparingly, M. Desoer sold his Ferrari to a Mercedes dealer as a trade in on a new car in 1975. A short time later the car was purchased by the renowned Ferrari collector, also from Liège, Ennio Gianaroli. M. Gianaroli in the late 1970s and 1980s amassed a fabulous collection of Ferraris including such models as a 212 Inter, a 340 & 375 MM, a Daytona & a BB Group 4, plus many other road cars. Quite surprisingly he had the car repainted in silver and displayed it in his private collection where the car sat for 30 years.

In February 2005 a well know Belgian Ferrari collector and racer, purchased it and decided on a complete nut and bolt restoration to be carried out by Cognolato, who is a world renowned restorer of the marque. Before being sent to Italy it was photographed in detail and these images reveal a car in a very original and well preserved condition. 2353 GT was completely dismantled and rebuilt to the highest standards without any expense spared over the course of two years. Two other highly skilled workshops were entrusted with the mechanical components being rebuilt by Corrado Patella and the interior by Luppi. During the restoration, the demanding owner travelled several times to Cognolato to ensure the car was being restored to the highest standards. A comprehensive photographic record was compiled showing every step of the process and it was established that the car had all matching numbers, had never been damaged and the body was totally corrosion free.

The quality of the restoration is absolutely stunning and the attention to the smallest of details quite amazing. The standard of the paint finish, panel fit, chrome work, upholstery or mechanical components are truly fantastic. It is difficult to believe that there exists a better looking and driving 250 GTE.

Shortly after the restoration was completed, the car received its Ferrari Classiche certification in June 2009 and has only done 1,354 km since.

To complete the documentation of this exceptional car, it comes with its original 1961 registration certificate, the « Carnet d’Immatriculation », the original build sheet from Ferrari and the « Garage Francorchamps » invoice.

On the road the car is superb to drive with a precise steering, its is easy on its clutch and gearbox whilst the engine pulls strongly without any inertia. The suspension works remarkably and such a fantastic example enlightens why Ferraris were at the pinnacle then.

2353 GT is a unique opportunity to purchase an elegant and sublime 250 GTE with the most impeccable provenance.

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