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    220 PS / 162 kW / 217 BHP
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The 250 GT Series II on offer has been delivered originally in Italy in Nero Tropicale with a contrasting interior in Naturale, black with tan leather. The first owner was a Mr. Pantanella who was the president of the Societa di Navigazione in Palermo/Sicily. It was later registered in Florence where it was maintained at the Ferrari factory in 1966. Up from the late sixties it found its way to the US for more than 20 years. In the early nineties it was shipped back to Europe being with the famous Ferrari dealer and collector Jean Guikas from Marseille/France.
The history is confirmed by a Marcel Massini report accompanying this car.

The 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe Series II appeared later in the Netherlands where it had been completely restored in the mid to late nineties. The original matching number engine has taken apart and a complete rebuild was carried out by well known Netherland based Pete Roelofs which is documented by the invoices and as well by the dyno sheet which is showing 219 bhp at 7000 rpm. It might be very difficult to find a near to perfect Pininfarina Coupe in similar
There are very few owners around which have asked for a complete restoration for a Pininfarina Coupe. Over the years these very elegant cars never have been appreciated too much that it seemed to be a financial pain to go through an expensive and complete restoration. But in this case the owner decided for an restoration regardless of costs because he wanted to add this 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe Series II to his famous and wonderful collection.

The car on on offer is one of the very few Pininfarina Series II Coupes delivered as an European version. There are 350 Pininfarina Coupes built from 1958 until 1960. Most of them appr. 200 cars were built as the less interesting drum brake model with its four speed gearbox. The later updated model known as the Series II received already the looked after disc brakes and the four speed
gearbox equipped with a 5th gear as an overdrive. This in mind it makes the Series II much more desirable as the predecessor beside the fact that there are only appr. 150 cars made. From this very few cars have been delivered as a Euro-version with metric instruments.

The car is in near to new condition never really been driven after its restoration.
When we had bought it we first checked the engine by carrying out a big service and a leak down test showing best results. Recent test drives confirmed that it still runs like it should, the engine revs perfectly, the gearbox shifts like it should and the 5th gear is working properly by not having any vibration from the drivetrain or differential.
It is a great chance to buy a car which will be quite difficult to find in it's marvellous condition.

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