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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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The much sought-after Ferrari 246 Dino GT was named after Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredo, who died in 1956, aged just 24. Enzo Ferrari credits his son with the inspiration for a series of successful small and medium capacity V6 racing engines built by Ferrari from 1956, and in turn, the name was given to a new line of mid-engined production Ferrari V6 coupés, which first went on sale in 1969. The Dino 246 GT has proved to be one of the most satisfying and successful automobiles built by Ferrari and paved the way for the emerging generation of mid-engined Ferraris. It is widely regarded as one of the best-handling and most gratifying automobiles of the early 70s, it is one of the most attractive, delicately balanced designs ever produced by the masters at Pininfarina. As a result, Dinos have enjoyed a well-deserved recent surge in popularity.

One of only 12 RHD UK supplied 'Flares' Dinos built, this example was supplied new to its first owner, a Mr Bruce D. Webster in the sunnier climes of Victoria, Australia. Optioned from new with desirable 'Flares', the wider arches available on the Dino and paired exclusively with the 7.5 Inch sand-cast Campagnolo alloy wheels. Originally supplied in Rosso Chiaro over a Nero Plastica 161 interior, this car has since been upgraded to sought-after Daytona-style seats. Passing through several owners in Australia, the car spent 17 years in the care of Bill Cowan and his collection in Adelaide. Sharing a garage alongside an original 1973 2.8 RSR, the Dino was used sparingly and covered just 5,000 miles during his ownership.

In 2014, the car was purchased by DK and re-imported into the UK. The original build specification including electric windows was confirmed by Tony Willis of the Maranello Concessionaires archive. At this time, DK sold the car to its current owner.
For the first two years the car was used ‘as-was’, in good shape but ever so slightly tired and in need of some love. In 2016, the decision was made to restore the car to a specification that would have been available at the time of ordering.

Over the course of nearly five years and when funds allowed, the car was stripped down to its bare metal form and the restoration process was ignited. This restoration was not set to be a straightforward process, DK even enlisted the assistance from Ferrari to work on some components of the restoration.

As a part of its extensive works, both the body and chassis were returned to Ferrari in Modena to be carefully restored under the watchful eye of their very own Classiche department. Upon completion of the metal work, Ferrari re-painted the body in the stunning metallic finish ‘Blu Sera Metallizzato’ under the supervision of DK. This Dino is, in fact, the only example to have received such treatment to its body and chassis at the factory.

With the shell out of the UK, DK set about putting the rest of the car through our comprehensive restoration process and in such, the engine, running gear and all other components underwent a comprehensive rebuild in the UK, appropriately photographed ahead of its reinstallation in the car.

For the interior, the car was sent to O’Rourke Coachtrimmers in West Sussex, renowned for their multi-concours winning work. The interior colours were chosen to complement the Blu Sera Metallizzato exterior; VM3014 ‘Ochre’ with C011 dark blue carpets.

In late 2020, everything was aligned and perfected to carefully re-construct, of course, maintaining the highest of standards throughout the process. Reassembly took just over a year, during which time Classiche Certification was ignited and is currently pending approval with Ferrari.

Without a doubt, the result of this four-year restoration is one of the finest 246 GTS we have ever laid eyes on. An example that must be seen in person to truly appreciate.

Fresh from restoration, this fabulous ‘Flares’ GTS has been road-tested and snagged, ready to be used and enjoyed on the road or grabbing plenty of attention on the concours field. After greatly enjoying the restoration process, this example, now ready for its next custodian is available to view by appointment only at our showrooms outside London immediately.

Please refer to our main website www.dke.co.uk for full details, additional photos, our terms of sale and accurate pricing as some websites may use out of date currency exchange rates: https://www.dkeng.co.uk/ferrari-sales/1709/blue_chip_competition_cars/dino_246_gts.html

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