1970 Ferrari 246 'Dino'

246 GT M-series


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Does an automotive icon like the Ferrari Dino even need an introduction? No, but it sure does deserve a whole array of superlatives! If one had to select the most beautiful car design on production cars from our automobile heritage, many of us would choose the Ferrari Dino 246GT: its shapes are simply perfect from every angle. With this model Pininfarina has created an absolute masterpiece of car design.
The mechanical lay-out developped by Ferrari's son Dino is evenso a technological masterpiece. The compact 2.4 litre V6 with 4 overhead cams is mounted just behind the seats of driver and passenger, which gives perfect balance and go-cart sensations to this elegant sportscar.

This Dino 246 GT, with chassis number 01164, is the 47th of just 497 examples built in the M-series. In his Dino Compendium, Matthias Bartz praises this series with the following words: "Compared to the previous model, the M-series underwent numerous modifications, which, first and foremost, significantly improve the vehicle's handling. These vehicles shine with fantastic driving behaviour, especially compared to the two previous models, and they can be recommended to anyone interested in a sporty style of driving."
We were lucky enough to experience Mr. Bartz' words when the car's owner proposed that we drive the car from his home to our classic car garage rather than have it transported – a 150 km trip to confirm the owner's claims that this car drives like a dream. What an exhilerating pleasure to feel the punch of the 195hp strong V6, and to hear its sporty sound! Even a heavy traffic jam couldn't spoil the fun, the engine remained cool as an autumn breeze.

What we particularly like about this Dino, is it's high level of originality. Apart from a respray of its Rosso Corsa livery, the addition of headlight covers, and the removal of front and rear bumpers (included with the car), this car is entirely original. It shows only 55.000 original kilometers on the counter, and the overall condition of the car can only confirm this mileage - especially the deliciously original interior, with its unscratched black vinyl seats and slightly patinated suede dashboard cover, not to mention the beautiful red woolen carpets and punctured white roofliner.

Conservatively restored in the early '80s by marque experts Zanasi & Mescoli, and with more than 45.000 Euro of maintenance invoices over the past ten years, this is your opportunity to acquire a beautiful early low-mileage Dino 246 GT in extremely sound and well cared for condition.

Price: 320.000 Euro