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    84 245 km / 52 348 mi
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Chassis no F106 CB 34407
Engine no F108F000*00119
Engine type 8 Cylinder V-Shape
Power 155 HP at 6800 revs
Max Speed 215 kph

The Ferrari 208 GTB was born in 1980, in a difficult time for powerful sports cars that faced rather high taxes deriving from the oil crisis. To meet Cavallino's Italian customers desire, Ferrari created a sports car under 2 liters of displacement with a very seductive design, signed Pininfarina. In fact, it is the same as the 308 GTB shown five years earlier, but under the hood there is a decidedly less powerful engine: a 2.0 V8 naturally aspirated 155 HP.
The 208 GTB can still be considered a real Ferrari: outside it is, as always, attractive, the interiors are as always well cared for, in short it is impossible not to be seduced by the Cavallino.
On the steering wheel and the gear lever as always, there is the brand of the Scuderia of Maranello.
Driving is also outstanding, and road behavior proves it: powerful brakes, direct steering and excellent road holding.
The rear engine of the Ferrari 208 GTB is one of the smallest V8s ever built: a 2.0 naturally aspirated 155 hp, with 4 carburetors, derived from that of the Dino 208 GT4, which allows the Emilian sportscar to reach a maximum speed of 215 kph.

- Italian car with original license plates and coupon booklet
- One of the only 160 carburetor GTBs produced by Ferrari
- Very rare and refined black painting
- Excellent body and mechanical condition, given by the periodic revisions of the owners
- Well-preserved original interior, beige leather seats in excellent condition
- Nardi steering wheel and Grundig car radio
- Original, overhauled and fully working instrumentation and dials
- The engine starts quickly and runs without power lacks
- Signs, moldings, and well-preserved writing

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