1960 Facel Vega Facellia


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French registration

- Rare and exclusive car
- The more attractive convertible version
- In very good condition

Purchased new by Guy Laroche, this car was first delivered to the dealer in Clermont-Ferrand, Guy Estager before being forwarded to the Garage de Courcelles in Paris. This convertible is powered by the Facellia's Pont-…-Mousson engine (four-cylinder 1600 DOHC 115bhp), which was made more reliable as shows the period invoice attached to the file. It features beautiful spoked wheels, which were optional.
Well known to the club Amicale Facel, the car is in good condition, with the bumper free of dents. The cabin features beautiful red leather upholstery, the front seat backs were redone. The red hood is from recent times, with a notch being recently repaired. From a mechanical point of view, the clutch was replaced just after it was purchased by its current owner, and the car has been recently serviced. The car comes with its maintenance file and invoices.
The total production is estimated at 1,045 Facellias, of which 614 were convertibles, according to the reference book by Jan-Paul Chambrette. This is a rare and exclusive car, the refined finish reflecting the luxury of the last great French brand.