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Chassis No. 1B3BR65E8SV200735

First unveiled at the Detroit auto show in 1989 following Chrysler President Bob Lutz's vision for a modern day Cobra, the Viper has been a popular enthusiast choice since the first production model in 1992. Offering an entirely independent chassis, the small team of engineers used a custom-designed tubular space-frame layout finished off with a full fiberglass body to save weight. One of the very last sports cars to be offered as such, the Viper offers an engaging driving experience that is remarkably free of electronic driver assist and nannies found in modern cars. Powered by a massive 8.0-liter V10 which was designed with input from Lamborghini and produces a brutal engine note through the signature side-exit exhaust. Finished in a Viper Red over Quartz interior, this example is offered in a seldom seen condition, likely due to the mere 6,619 miles that appear at the time of cataloging.