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  • Rarely seen ½ Ton variant
  • From the collection of noted enthusiast Bill Thomas
  • Older restoration ready to be enjoyed

The Dodge ½ Ton Weapons Carrier 4x4 was the first Dodge design exclusively for military use and developed in the build-up to full mobilization for World War II. Built only during 1941 and 1942, the ½ Ton Weapons Carrier was available in 38 individual models, including closed-cab and chassis, closed-cab pickup, command car, radio command car, carryall, ambulance, panel truck, telephone maintenance, open-cab pickup, winch models, and other specialized and seldom produced configurations. Replaced by the ¾ Ton variant in 1943, the ½ Ton examples are quite collectible and popular with enthusiasts due to their ease of use and manageable size.

Riding on either a 116-inch or 123-inch wheelbase, the ½ Ton Weapons Carrier was equipped with a 230-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine, single-speed transfer case and a 4.89:1 axle gear ratio. The body was identifiable by its rounded front, military-style, vertical-bar grill, forward sloping hood with vertical hood side louvers, and rectangular stamped metal “Dodge” name plates on either side of the hood.

Despite only being produced for two years, half-ton Weapons Carrier production was broken into three distinct series, denoted by a four-digit engineering code as the first part of the engine serial number, which was stamped on the left side of the block, just below the head. Third Series vehicles, including the example offered here, are denoted by the T-215 engineering code. Built in 1942, the distinguishing features of the Third Series trucks include round standard military gauges and 14-inch rear brake drums. The ½ Ton Weapons Carrier was soon replaced by the ¾ Ton variant in 1943. The ½ Ton is quite collectible and popular with enthusiasts due its ease of use and manageable size.

The ½ Ton Weapons Carrier offered here is offered from the noted collection of the late Bill Thomas. According to information provided by the consignor’s representative, this Dodge was restored for Mr. Thomas approximately 10 years ago. Mr. Thomas, a noted collector, rancher, philanthropist, and conservationist, is said to have restored this truck to be used and enjoyed on his 3,000-acre Texas ranch.

Sure to draw attention at any automotive event, this rarely seen WWII-era, military-grade Dodge will make a truly unique addition to any collection, one that could even be put to good use, as it was by Mr. Thomas.
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