1969 Dodge Charger


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Guide price: £50000 - £60000. <ul><li>The Charger became infamous for its part in the legendary car chase in the film 'Bullitt'</li><li>Originally purchased by Demi Moore for her husband, at the time, Bruce Willis</li><li>Imported to the UK by rock legend Jay Kay of Jamiroquai some eight years ago</li><li>Subject to a no expense spared improvement package to make the car as near perfect as possible</li><li>The 8.2-litre engine was rebuilt and upgraded at a cost of some £25,000 in 2014</li></ul><p>The second generation of the 1960's Dodge Charger was forever immortalised by the Steve McQueen film, "Bullitt". The plot involved a car chase between a Dodge Charger and a Ford Mustang (driven by Mcqueen as his own stuntman) through the undulating streets of San Francisco, and this fil sequence has since become regarded as the best car chase on film ever. An enormous two-door coupé - the Charger featured an 8.2-litre V8 engine and a Chrysler 3-speed automatic gearbox.</p><p>This particular Charger is offered directly from the stable of rock legend Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. Acquired by him some 8 years ago direct from film legend, Bruce Willis. The car had originally been bought for Bruce by his first wife, the actress Demi Moore. Jay bought and imported the car (so all taxes paid and UK registered) and then launched an improvement package to make the car as near perfect as possible. No stone was left unturned and the car remains very striking indeed with shiny gloss black paint and a perfectly trimmed original interior. Sat on highly polished and chromed alloy wheels, the car not only looks fantastic but sounds it too!</p><p>Under the "hood" is a very special engine that Jay has had rebuilt and upgraded at a cost of some £25,000 in 2014, as shown in the comprehensive history file. Needless to say, this car now drives superbly, although it has covered only a handful of miles in the last few years, and will quite happily spin its rear wheels if you accelerate hard in a straight line. The steering remains light and very positive, which is amazing for a car of this size, and the ride quality is excellent.</p><p>Also offered in the Sale is an American "Chips" spec Kawasaki motorcycle owned by Jay Kay (previously owned by motorcycle legend Steve Parrish) and offered at No Reserve. These pieces of "Americana"  are both very realistically priced to sell and offer an outstanding collector's opportunity.</p>