1948 Delahaye 135 MS

135 coach Chapron


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- Comprehensive and relatively sound car
- Superb radio
- Beautiful Chapron coachwork
- No reserve

For this car, we have a sales invoice from April 1964 of the garage Le Marois, for the sum of 950 French Francs. It refers to this car, with its registration number of 77 DR 75 (which still appears on the plates), but with the chassis number 801 350 (instead of 801 250 as indicated on the chassis plate and the engine number). But this car does appear as chassis number 801 350 in the Chapron archives, and not as 801 250. It is quite possible that the confusion has come from the registration papers (which we do not have), and on which a typing error must have occurred during the transcription.
Anyway, it is a 135 MS, as the presence of three carburetors and the six exhaust ducts suggest. According to the records, it shows just 27,410 km in 1961, 38,180 km in 1963 and 43,776 today. It has a beautiful Chapron body in the car's immediate post-war design that keeps elaborates on the elegant movement of the wings, before the rather massive "pontoon" design became the vogue. It seems relatively to be in a relatively sound condition and complete, its dashboard wearing an amazing Philips radio from the period. All instruments are present, including a clock, and many details reveal the luxurious finish of this top-end car. The leather seats, though dusty, has an attractive patina, and this car features a Cotal box. This interesting car should appeal to enthusiasts.