1934 Delage D6-11

D6/11 S coach


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- Classy design
- Interesting mechanicals
- Potential to be a concours d'elegance winner
- No reserve

What is striking about this car is its design: long bonnet, a low windshield, a low roof, all combining to give the impression of a car with a large displacement. The hood though hides a modest six-cylinder 2.0-liter unit (original), which in this "S" version develops 60bhp instead of 55bhp of the normal version. This engine features an OHV system and the car has independent front suspension. It therefore meets the reputation of the brand combining technical sophistication with stylish luxury, going well with the slogan "The Beautiful French Car." Purchased from Serge Pozzoli on June 22, 1967, the car on offer has a beautiful original interior in fabric and under cover (including the door panels). The nice dashboard is complete except a manometer, the windshield is broken though and some accessories such as headlamps and hubcaps are missing.
The exceptional line of this car made this a favorite of Roger Baillon. In 2004, according to the record of Peter Jacobs included in the book on the brand by Delage authorities Daniel Cabart and Claude Rouxel, there are just 18 survivors listed. The model is therefore of great rarity. With such a classy body, this car will be more of a contest queen, when fully restored.