1975 De Tomaso Pantera

GTS "Prototipo Tony Mantas"


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Italian title
Chassis n° 7427
Engine n° 351/06579

- A unique prototype built by the factory
- Unique and documented history
- Icon of the Automobile Golden Age
- Fascinating historical file

Constantin Anastase Mantas, born 1942 in Zitsa, Greece, was a Greek entrepreneur working mainly in Italy but with business addresses in many towns including Milan, Geneva and Athens. We have found among the car's papers is a letter in which he describes himself as a "manager personal organisation of artists- cinema-television-theatre-music hall". He was a personal friend of Alejandro De Tomaso and had previously bought the one-off spectacular Mangusta spider. In 1975, he ordered a new Pantera GTS but he didn't want a normal one, he wanted it tailor made, to his specifications, and his design. There is letter in the file from Aurelio Bertocchi, Commercial Director of De Tomaso at the time, dated 1979 verifying that chassis number 7427 had changes to the interior and bodywork requested by the owner, works all realized inside the factory. There is also an internal De Tomaso document stating that Mantas requested: "No Pantera script on the side, vehicle as low as possible, dashboard in white leather, the area below the small gauges on the dashboard shall also be in white leather as well as the inside door covers. A "T" shall be fitted in the middle of the radiator. EE plates requested, no rear bumper, free flow exhaust system"
A picture from the factory in the book "The man and the Machines" also shows the car being built with group 4 style wheel arch flares, extended rocker panels, different wheels and deep front spoiler and a Lancia Stratos style roof spoiler.
What also makes this car different from other Pantera GTS is the paperwork and history file. De Tomaso clearly kept an internal file on this car, including every invoice issued to Mantas, and also all the work done, how many hours it took and which mechanic did the work. The internal scribbling is however very difficult to decipher. There are also internal messages within the factory instructing employees to do specific work on the car.
On the 5th of February 1978 a new paint job is requested from a Modena company. He now wants it red and white with a see-through glass roof and a wooden interior. We have found two photographs of the car like this, but it must have been returned to its original specification at a later date.

Artcurial's consultant, Niklas Hannah, actually saw and photographed this car outside a restaurant in Stockholm in September 1976 when it had newly issued Ticino plates. In June 1979 it turns up in Stockholm a second time, this time in this red-white configuration with a huge wing at the back with a strange green number plate.
In the files are hundreds of invoices for work performed on the car. During 1977, it was at the factory every second month for work. On invoice is of the enormous sum of 3,5 million lire, at a time when a new Pantera cost 5 million lire. There is a reason to believe that, the engine, at this time, was bored out to 7 litres. This is also suggested by a photograph by well know author Zagari stating that the car was 7-litres on a photograph dated 21/11/1979.
Firstly the Pantera was registered on Italian export papers, EE60785 valid for a year. After this, Mantas registers the car on a c/o address in Switzerland acquiring the Swiss export plate TI 3288Z-77. Once these plates expire he yet again obtains an Italian EE number, EE 3288, he eventually drives around with a green number plate with registration L-A 762. We don't know if these papers were possibly Greek. All this, eventually leads to the car, in 1985, being confiscated by the Italian Police as it was running on non-valid number plates. The car is kept by the Polizia Stradale outdoor and looks to be in poor condition on the photograph that we have from the police deposit in 1992. In December 1992, the car is sold at a judicial auction to a gentleman of Bologna and he keeps the car until 2010 and during this time the car has been totally restored to the condition it is still today.
What makes this car so special is that it is a one of a kind built by the De Tomaso factory at request of one of their important clients. Secondly, to have access to De Tomaso's internal file on the car is also unheard of. Besides the very interesting work done on the car related with a mass of invoices, we find, for instance, a letter from Achilli Motors in Milan complaining that De Tomaso have sold a car to their client Tony Mantas thus bypassing them! They demand spare parts from De Tomaso as compensation for this.
This very special car has revealed many more secrets than its sulfurous first owner and will hopefully give much pleasure to its future owner.

Full set of pictures available on our online catalogue: https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-1975-de-tomaso-pantera-gts-prototipo-tony-mantas-4058-40