1934 Darmont Junior

type V Junior roadster


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French registration

- Rare four wheeled version
- Nice presentation
- The pleasure of a cyclecar
- No reserve

All enthusiasts know the three-wheeled Darmonts, manufactured in Courbevoie (near Paris) under license from Morgan by brothers Robert and Andrew Darmont, who began by importing the vehicles from the English brand. The Type V Junior though is less known: it is a successor with four wheels, launched in 1934 on a similar mechanical base, to meet the shortcomings of the three-wheeled version. It was technically quite similar, with a V-twin engine of 1100cc at the front, mated to a three-speed gearbox.

This Darmont Junior enjoyed a high quality restoration several years ago. Resisting the ravages of time thanks to a regular maintenance, the car has participated in many historic events, including the famous Grand Prix de l'Âge d'Or, when it used to be held at Linas-Montlhery. Red in color, this car has black upholstery, a tonneau cover, electric starter and two so-called windjammers of the "Brooklands" type. A suitcase has been added to the rack, more for style. This attractive Darmont will surely bring to its new owner the thrill provided by lightweight cyclecars of the 1930s, simple sports machines that were easy to maintain and a delight to drive.