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Only produced in 1936 and 1937, the Gordon Buehrig-designed Westchester featured both elegant styling and performance in the form of Cord’s revolutionary front-wheel drive system. From all outward appearances this seemingly stock 1937 sedan appears to be an immaculately restored showroom-stock example, however, beyond its period-correct color scheme of Palm Beach Tan paint and dark red cloth interior, this Cord is unlike any other. Even to the most discerning eye, the dual exhaust outlets and absence of a clutch pedal only hint at the dramatic and painstaking lengths that an entire team at Brizio Street Rods undertook to modernize this 812 Westchester, while still retaining virtually all of its defining features.

Under the hood, the Cord’s original Lycoming V-8 engine has been replaced with a General Motors LS-1 V-8 mated to a Porsche Tiptronic automatic transaxle. To retain the Cord’s distinctive front-wheel drive character, the engine and transaxle have been reverse-mounted, and a Rolls-Royce electronic shift module was used to adapt the Cord’s original electric shift selector. All other controls and instrumentation function as original as well. The Cord’s unibody structure was reinforced and billet aluminum wheels from Cord Club member Don Wohlwend were fitted. Four-wheel independent suspension, power disc brakes and rack and pinion steering were also incorporated. All this incredible engineering and expertise was done with a cost-no-object goal of producing the best driving Cord 812, with no sacrifice to its stunning looks.

The result is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that combines the charm and elegance of the iconic “Coffin-Nose” Cord with the performance and handling of a contemporary automobile. This extraordinary Westchester has been featured in Hot Rod magazine and The Rodder’s Journal and it presents today in show-quality condition, a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship of Roy Brizio’s team and the care it has continued to receive while in the possession of its current owner. Here is a remarkable Cord that is sure to impress the purist and hot rod enthusiasts alike.

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