1951 Citroen Traction Avant

11 BL


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French registration papers

Same owner since 1968
Second hand
Very rare Quillery accessories

Introduced in 1934, the Traction Avant is considered one of the most mythical cars of the 20th century. Designed by an Italian sculptor of genius Flaminio Bertoni, it owes its genesis to a daring industrialist, André Citroën who will put everything on it and will lose its wealth with its creation. In addition to proposing the front wheel drive system, it will offer an all-steel body without chassis and many technical innovations. She will become a national symbol during her 27-year career. 80 years later and at the dawn of the 100 years celebration of the brand, fans and collectors of Citroëns have never been so numerous.
The Traction Avant we present you is a 11 BL from 1951 bought in 1968 by Mr L to his first owner in Buxy in Saone et Loire. She still carries her original 371 X 71 registration number and never left her home region. She was used regularly for pleasure drives and then kept in the dry in a garage for all the rest of its life. The engine is running, and the car is complete. It is now in exceptional condition because it has an original mileage of 84,000 km. This 11 BL has never been restored or repainted since 1951 and still retains very rare vintage Quillery accessories, including the steering wheel, the gear lever ball, the ashtray and the windscreen opening handle. The upholstery is a vintage accessory of the brand Cordoual in very good condition. When we discovered this Traction, we were surprised by the general condition of the car which shows no corrosion. It is surprisingly sound and will require a quick to be back on the country roads.