1973 Citroen SM



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Swiss registration
To be customs cleared
Chassis # SBSD00SD1562
Engine # 105651

- In superb condition
- Rare version with automatic transmission
- Model still underestimated

Amongst Citroëns, the SM remains a special case, whose originality remains fascinating. Combining a sporty design with the forefront technology of the manufacturer, the SM offered an on-road dynamics that did not sacrifice comfort. Powered by a 170bhp V6 (180 for the automatic version), an engine designed by Maserati, the car easily managed over 200 km/h.

Registered for the first time on the 1st of October 1973, this Citroën SM is a rare version with an automatic transmission, of which just 1,612 units were made. In a shade of silver metallic with grey cloth interior, the car is in a beautiful state, because it went through an extensive restoration by previous owner, Mr. Christian Haefliger, a Citroën SM specialist from Switzerland. It was after his death that the current owner, an avid Citroën fan, bought the car. According to the information obtained from the family of Mr. Haefliger, it was his personal car, whose restoration was completed in his own workshop, a guarantee for the quality of the work. In beautiful condition, the presentation is not just aesthetic, but we were able to verify the running condition of the car with a test drive. The car starts at the first turn of the key, whether hot or cold, and all the accessories work, including the original Citroën radio. The odometer shows 51,262km, and with the automatic transmission, the SM is very smooth to drive. The car comes with its books, a period advertising brochure, its technical book and a battery charger.
In a state of well above average presentation, this rare automatic version is ready to provide its new owner the pleasure of exceptional comfort combined with the power of its six-cylinder Maserati engine.