1971 Citroen SM


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    Sable Métallisée
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French registration papers
Frame No.: SB 005218

- High quality restoration
- Perfect working order
- First year production

The Citroën SM alone represents the dream of an era when automotive elegance and high performance went hand in hand. Let us not forget that in the early 1970s, speed limits did not exist on the French road network. The SM was born at a time when speed was a selling point and gasoline was cheap. Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, this French-style "Super Car" is a success with a line designed by Robert Opron. It is ahead of its time both in terms of technology and its futuristic line. Citroën bought Maserati in 1968, which is why an impressive 2670 cc V6 with twin camshafts is found under the hood. A true technological showcase of what Citroën knew how to do best at the time, we find the revolutionary DIRAVI steering, power brakes, hydropneumatic suspension, swivel headlights with wheels...etc Over five years of production, only 12,920 units will be sold. As we know, the SM will be very expensive for the herringbone brand and will not sell very easily, as it is subject to a high selling price and demanding maintenance. In 1974, the brand of the Quai de Javel entrusted the assembly of some SMs to the Ligier workshops. Unfortunately, sales were in free fall and Citroën decided not to clutter up the chains of its factory while the first CXs were arriving at a fast pace.
The SM presented in these pages is a carburettor version, in Metallised Sand colour, reference AC 318. It is equipped with the fauwn leather interior, original air conditioning and the desirable Continental Edison FM radio. It was completely restored in the 90s by the former owner. Box exposed and sanded according to the rules of the art, then repainted in its factory colour. The mechanics are also being rebuilt, it was completely dismantled to be made more reliable in 2015. The air conditioning was upgraded to current standards in 2018 with a modern compressor that no longer causes any jolts when it is activated. In the passenger compartment, the original upholstery has never been restored and has a nice patina. During our test on the small country roads of the Southwest, the mechanics are revealed to the sound of the Maserati V6. A real time machine. Even the Continental substation, a very expensive option at the time, is still in operation. The gearbox is precise and fast, the braking still powerful for our modern standards. With a valid roadworthiness test of less than 6 months, this SM offered for sale is a great opportunity to rediscover the French Super Car of the 70s.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.
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