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The DS has become timeless and is never truly obsolete. This incredible Citroën is still just as valid on the road with technology that dates back over half a century. The comfort is still astonishing, both in terms of the seats and the hydraulic suspension. The brakes, incredible for the time, remain very effective. All these features make the DS still very comfortable in today's traffic despite its age.
In 1958, Citroën chose Henri Chapron, a French coachbuilder, to design and produce the factory convertible. His creations have become collectibles. The factory convertible followed the technical evolution of the sedan and existed in the DS 19 versions (1960-1965), DS 21 (1965-1971), and DS 21 with electronic fuel injection (1969-1970).
The Ivanoff version uses the conversion principle initiated by Chapron.
This renowned coachbuilder was one of the benchmarks in the field of DS transformations at the time. His transformations were homologated, allowing a conversion according to the rules of the art from a DS sedan to a convertible version.
This DS 21 Ivanoff was beautifully restored in 2015 by Mr. Roland Delbauche for Mr. Van Eyll and is number 34 in the Ivanoff register.
With its "Rubi Red" color, black interior, and soft top, this DS 21 convertible stands out for its refined elegance.
The bodywork and mechanics have been restored, repainted, and treated. Starting is easy, and our road test showed smooth gear changes thanks to the manual transmission, precise steering, and effective braking.
As an extra, it has the signature of Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen in its glove compartment.
He has ridden several times as a co-pilot in the drivers' parade at Francorchamps with our DS, his favorite.!

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