1967 Citroen DS



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French registration number

Second hand since the early 90’s
Authentic DS Pallas Palladium Grey AC 108
Fully restored with care

The work of an exceptionally gifted team, the Citroën DS had the daunting task of replacing the Traction Avant in 1955. Its new and strikingly modern styling - a masterpiece of Flaminio Bertoni - hugely impressed the public, but its design and technology was also astonishing, with hydropneumatic suspension, power steering, disc brakes and semi-automatic transmission, to cite just a few examples.
With a career lasting 20 years and models ranging from an elegant convertible to a hard-working estate, it also shone in competition, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1958, for example. Truly a legend and the symbol of an entire era in French industrial engineering, the DS is one of the most collected cars in the world. Enthusiasts can be found driving one every day in California or even in Australia, proof of its solid construction and ease of use.
The DS which we present to you is a magnificent model-year 1967, the most sought to amateur Citroënistes because it is here the quintessence of the DS before its restylage in 1968. This model sees the appearance of the green liquid hydraulic system considered more reliable and without leaks but keeps the style of the early front unit. This version is a rare DS "M" equipped with the mechanical gear box. She was saved at the beginning of the 90s by Mr L who discovered the car in a garage in Paris. The DS is parked, waiting for better days, but the collector and architect by trade notices the absence of doors at the front of the garage. He so suggests getting back the car in exchange for the construction of a door at his expenses! The invoice will be provided with the car! The 88 000 km mileage is guaranteed by the former owner who buys it new in 1967. Mr L restored the car in 2011 and 2012. The base is vey sound and the body will require only a bit of work. The upholstery is still the original one proof of the original low mileage. Quite rare because the DS Pallas were more often asked with the leather brown Havana. We have some invoices from the rebuild of the engine unit. The car starts very well and raises straight up: Proof of a hydraulic system in good condition. The drive is smooth and comfortable as a DS should be.
It is here a rare opportunity to acquire a DS Pallas in such condition with an original low mileale, well restored and especially a real Pallas Palladium Grey model.