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    10 km / 7 mi
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Transmission: Semi-automatic
Stock status: Expected soon
Registration number: AR-26-58

Every day, we are greeted by stunning vehicles, and there is no doubt that the French have excellent taste! The Citroën DS is a prime example of this. Since its introduction in October 1955, the DS has managed to capture the hearts of many car enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, in our opinion, but that aside.

We can view this Citroën from multiple perspectives. Firstly, the design can be described as avant-garde, with refined lines. From a technical standpoint, the DS is known for its use of highly advanced technologies. We allude to the self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension, which provided exceptional handling, now characterised as the 'typical' Citroën feeling. The transmission was also innovative, equipped with a four-speed semi-automatic gearbox. We now know this transmission as the 'Boîte de Vitesses Hydraulique,' featuring hydraulic operation that automatically engaged the clutch when the driver moved the lever behind the steering wheel to change gears.

Various (potential) buyers, like the press, praised this unique automobile. However, there was a desire for a convertible variant, which initially was not available to DS buyers. Eventually, Citroën turned to coach-builder Henri Chapron to create the 'Décapotable Usine,' or convertible, to meet demand for an open-top version. This was not a conversion of an existing DS, but a body with, for example, longer doors compared to the sedan. This beautiful variant also received various reinforcements to ensure structural integrity.

Fewer than 1,400 of these convertibles were built, with only 500 units as DS-21s. Our specimen is a factory DS 21 Décapotable from 1967, making it an authentic example, confirmed by Mrs. Noëlle-Elénore Chapron with an 'Attestation.' We will provide this documentation with this DS. Only 78 units were produced for this year.

This beautiful car was originally delivered in France and then moved to the United States, where it enjoyed a dry and pleasant existence. This car was also very well restored and mechanically overhauled. This way, you can experience the Citroën as the French brand intended at the time, offering an unparalleled combination of comfort and performance. The hydraulic suspension provides excellent cushioning, while the shifting gear is remarkably smooth. In short, this is undoubtedly an outstanding DS.

The interior is almost in new condition. There is no sign of any wear or noticeable signs of use. Upon closer inspection, you will notice a dashboard in excellent condition and an interior with beautiful carpeting.

This vehicle offers an extraordinarily enjoyable driving experience. The engine runs smoothly and sounds healthy, while the car moves through traffic silky smooth, as you would expect from a DS. Maintenance has always been carried out by specialists, and documentation is available. The underside of the car is also in excellent condition, matching the overall condition of the vehicle.

With this Citroën, you will receive extensive documentation, including various invoices from specialists, demonstrating that the car has received the right care in recent years. Of course, this Citroën comes with the 'Attestation' and various other documentation.

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