1967 Chevrolet Corvette


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Matching numbers 327ci V8 engine upgraded to 350hp

Subtle upgrades – Side-pipe exhaust, Stinger hood, knock-off wheels

No-expense-spared ground-up restoration

Less than 4,200 miles since completion

4-speed manual transmission

An American icon and what is essentially part of America's automotive history by this point: The Chevrolet Corvette. The "C2" generation was the first "bad boy" Corvette, dubbed the Sting Ray. With a host of different engine options, transmissions, and mechanical upgrades, you could make it a casual daily driver or an asphalt-melting street-light drag machine. With perfect proportions, power options galore, and dripping sex appeal in the 60s, the C2 is one of the most lusted-for and popular variants in Corvette history.

This particular Sting Ray was the personal project of the high-end body shop's owner, wanting a Corvette with the attention to detail being second to none. Taking the better part of a year and a half to complete, he ensured that when he restored this 60's classic with his personal touch of subtle enhancements, it would look better than it had ever did before.

The car was completely stripped of all of its components, taking note of what to keep and what to rebuild or restore. The body was separated from the chassis and was provided with a concours-quality repaint. The fiberglass shell's existing paint finish was sanded down to the factory fiberglass, sprayed with primer and block sanded to perfection. It was a personal project and wanting nothing but the best, an immense amount of time and effort was placed on the bodywork. After the panels were sanded to be laser straight, the car was sprayed with Silver Pearl Glasurit base and clearcoat, which after was taken a step further by block sanding the clear coat for a perfectly smooth paint finish. During this time a 427 Stinger hood was sourced and fitted, with a contrasting grey stripe painted underneath the clearcoat. The front and rear bumpers were rechromed to make sure the rest of the car showed as well as the amazing paint finish. The chassis was sanded, primed, and painted satin black for that nice final finish.

The interior is highly original, with the only new addition being the carpet. Before the new black carpet was installed special sound deadener was applied to the floor to ensure a quieter interior, void of all the miscellaneous road noises that are inherent of a fiberglass-bodied car.

Mechanically the Corvette received a host of items in order to put it in the best running order it likely might have ever been in. The matching-numbers 327ci V8 engine was completely rebuilt, including new bearings, rings, a reground crankshaft, rebuilt cylinder heads, and new camshafts. While the 4-speed manual transmission is not original to the car, it was completely rebuilt and is a period-correct transmission that would have been in this era of car. The carburetor was rebuilt, the lower and upper steering column were rebuilt, a new power steering box was installed, the clutch and brake housing/bracket was removed and rebuilt, and the gas tank was removed along with the fuel lines to be boiled out. A side pipe exhaust was also added for that extra performance and "growl."

By the time the project was done, it was evident that he had gone overboard and might have produced one of the finest Corvettes we have seen. Nothing was left untouched, and it absolutely looked it. Fully intent on keeping the car, which is why he went to the 11th degree in making everything the best that his shop could, he eventually sold the car to Canepa in 2012. It wouldn't take long before the car found a new owner, who kept the car until recently. During those 8 years he kept the car serviced and running right, with annual services along with other minor services. After needing to make some space in his small collection, the Corvette returned to Canepa in the same stunning condition that it had left in.

Each and every collector car that comes to Canepa is put through and extensive and diligent process called the "Canepa Difference." This includes a major and comprehensive mechanical inspection where all systems are checked and serviced as necessary. They also receive an award-winning concours-level detailing, a thorough cleaning of each and every surface that ensures that every car is a sight to behold. Finishing off with a foam-pad-only polish to enhance the paint finish, each and every car is a perfect example and a personification of Bruce Canepa's impeccable attention to detail.

In the automotive world, it is hard to dispel that the Corvette is a true icon of American automotive heritage. Going back to the 50s when it was first introduced, the original sports car for America has seen countless revisions since with fans throughout the decades. The C2, however, is an interesting piece. It was developed and released during what many people believe to be "the golden years" of the automotive world, the 1960s. With the likes of Ford, Shelby, Porsche, and Ferrari, the Corvette left its mark through drop-dead looks and monstrous power while being accessible to lots of motorsport enthusiasts. This "Sting Ray", being fully restored with its matching numbers V8 engine, is that perfect car for an enthusiast. Ready to be driven and to be seen in it (and heard with its side pipe exhaust), people will know when you have arrived when you pull up in this American icon.