1921 Cadillac Series 61

Type 61 V8 5.7 Torpédo


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French title

- 5.7-liter V8
- Neat body
- Nice presentation
- No reserve

Purchased in 1991 through a dealer, after being imported from the United States, this Cadillac Series 61 was immediately extensively restored. On this occasion, the body was stripped back to bare metal, as evidenced by a photo folder. This restoration has successfully weathered the passage of time and today, this Cadillac offers a great look. This quality tourer features a rear footrest across the width of the passenger compartment, and a second windscreen with two side baffles. The roof is in good condition, as well as the tonneau cover. With wooden body-colored wheels, this car is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 with side valves. The head gaskets were replaced in 2014 with surfacing of the cylinder heads, resulting in a good running condition. Cadillac was the first US manufacturer to offer a V8 engine in 1914, instead of the more standard in-line six-cylinders of its competitors. The success of this type of engine is well known, becoming later the standard for most upmarket cars. Today, its power and flexibility makes it possible to enjoy a beautiful roadster in a boisterous fashion.