1947 Buick Super



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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Engine 8 cylinder in V
Displacement 4,065 cc
Maximum power 110 HP
Maximum speed 140 km/h
Curb weight 1,920 kg
Coachwork type convertible
Chassis number 1490505
Country of origin USA
Number built 19,017
Production span 1942-1948

Buick’s strongest point was its imposing appearance. It always had a fresher and newer look than its Chrysler or Ford rivals but at a lower price and in a broad choice of styles and versions. Century and Limited lines were both gone after the war, so in the mid-40s the range consisted of three series, Special (shorter wheelbase), Super and Roadmaster all of them available as 2-door sedan, 4-doors sedan -the best seller-, fastback coupe or sedanet, convertible, limousine, wood-sided station wagon... up to types. Mandatory engine was the long-stroke head-valves 8-in line Fireball, ranging from the basic 248 cubic inches (4,065 cc) of 110 HP to the powerful 320 cubic inches (5,244 cc) of 144 HP.

The convertible became in 1947 one of the most popular models of the Flint brand. In fact, that season Buick would be the top-selling manufacturer in this segment (about 40,000 units) beating Ford and Chevrolet. Many customers were probably seduced by amenities like the electrically powered foldable top. It was a truly emblematic automobile of this era, that cinema would also help to popularize: before getting his tragically famous Porsche Spyder, James Dean drove a convertible Buick. Many years later, another convertible Buick would be the vehicle used by Dustin Hofmann in the film Rain Man.

Our 1947 unit sports a colour scheme typical of its time: bodywork in metallic green with red rims and hood and interior in cream tone. Without being particularly lavish, the cabin is really well finished. The dashboard looks like a ship’s command post showing a large display of chrome and bakelite elements, a large banjo-style steering wheel, an electric clock and a radio. It is roomy and comfortable, holding six passengers effortlessly. The gearshift on the steering column allows three people to sit on the front bench.