1966 Buick Skylark


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Presented for the first time at GM's Motorama in 1952 as a concept car, the Skylark was put into production in 1953 as Buick's the top-of-the-line executive sports-cabriolet. Based on the chassis of the Roadmaster, the Skylark had a lower waist line, lower roof and an overall compact design. It was called the "Anniversary Cabriolet" as it celebrated Buick's 50th anniversary and came equipped as standard with virtually every option possible, including the expensive handmade (and heavy) Kelsey Hanynes 40 spoke steel wheels. Notably the production version introduced Buick's first modern overhead valve design V8, the potent 188hp "Nailhead". The Skylark was an exclusive and limited-production luxury automobile, dedicated for those who wanted to celebrate their own success.
Due to high costs in production and limited numbers it was discontinued in 1954, in its second molde year. Re-introduced in 1961 as a new luxury compact car available in both coupè and convertible form, it was a more production oriented vehicle than its precedessor. In 1962 was awarded Motor Trend's prestigious Car of the Year award and also was the first American car to have a production V6 engine. Finally able to have made a strong name for itself as a successful luxury automobile, the Skylark continued to be produced continuously until 1998.