1999 Bugatti Type 35

Type 35 Pur Sang Replica


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French registration

- Very realistic and correct replica of an iconic model
- Accepted at Bugatti rallies
- French registration

This car is a replica of the 1929 Bugatti 35B (with the 2.3 liter supercharged engine), produced in 1999 by Pur Sang Argentina, a well-known and respected specialist in this field. Since the car arrived in Europe, it received many improvements on the front axle, the radiator and Scintilla magneto, in order to make the replication more accurate. A starter has been installed, and invoices reflect these transactions, with the total spent exceeding 50,000 Swiss francs. In December 2014, a service was carried out which included the replacement of the ignition harness and spark plugs, oil changes, overhaul of the supercharger and the starter, for a bill of 3,800.
The previous owner has driven this car extensively, attending several events and rallies in Italy, Greece, southern France, Switzerland... He has covered more than 20,000 km at the wheel of this car, equipped with its four mudguards, easy to remove, to adapt to all kinds of events. The owner obtained a French registration of a Bugatti Type 38. This beautiful car is will offer to its next owner the sensations of the mythical Bugatti 35B, at one-tenth the price!