1999 Bugatti EB112


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Monaco registration
Chassis n° ZA9CC030ERCD39003

- Only two examples built
- Fascinating history
- Exciting performance
- Breathtaking Giugiaro design

Romano Artioli dreamed of following up the EB110 Coupée with a saloon just as Ettore Bugatti had done with the Type 57 Galibier. A concept car, still retaining by the brand, was shown at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show but never reached production and in September 1995 Bugatti threw in the sponge and production ground to a halt. After the company's bankruptcy certain assets were put up for auction and were bought by Gildo Pallanca Pastor, along with a large quantity of spare parts. One lot included three pre-production EB112s, in mid build. In 1998 he managed to make two complete cars in 1998 in his Monaco Racing Team workshop, one bordeau and one black. A few years later the first EB112 was bought by a russian collector, while the second car, that on sale today, stayed in Gildo Pallanca Pastor's ownership for the next 19 years.

The car is impressive to look at and its lines are reminiscent of the Panamera.....but it precedes it by 20 years. It's the work of Giorgetto Giugiaro, and inspired by the backbone that ran the length of Jean Bugatti's 1936 57S Atlantic. The car's roof slopes right down to the back bumper as in a fast back. It's a fair comment to describe it as a precursor of today's sports saloons. The EB112 starts with the advantage of inheriting the technical refinement and luxurious equipment developed for the EB110. It shares a carbon fibre chassis, aluminium bodywork and an all leather interior. Engine turned aluminium fittings are inspired by the Type 35's dashboard to complete the ensemble. The plan was to sell the EB112 with a Porsche 928 engine, but this one was fitted with the Bugatti V 12, 6 liters, 60 valves and normally aspirated. Its 455 BHP propelled this luxurious saloon from 0 to 100 kph in 4.4 seconds on its way to a top speed of 300 kph. The car has all wheel drive and a six speed gearbox.

This EB 112 is offered in the most superb condition, not a scrape or even the slightest scratch. The panels are perfectly aligned and the 17 inch wheels make a subtle reference to the Royale's wheels. The leather upholstery is uncreased and the stitching immaculate. Gildo Pallanca Pastor's intense desire to follow in Ettore Bugatti's footsteps comes through strongly and contributes strongly to the charm of this hand built car. Amazingly the car looks new, even though it was built out of 20 year old parts. It comes with its two original black leather suitcases and an umbrella with a handle in the shape of the rampant elephant, like the one sculpted by Rembrandt Bugatti to grace the bonnet of the Royale.
Gildo used the car while he still lived in Monaco and was sometimes spotted driving it in the Principality. The present owner bought it last year. The car starts on the button, drives perfectly and was driven under its own power to the recent Bugatti Festival in Molsheim. This car is a thoroughbred, there are only two of them and we all have to thank Gildo Pallanca Pastor for bringing them to life. It's a masterpiece by one of the greatest designers of the century, it's got one of the most famous names in the history of the automobile and it's got a powerful engine. Well, do you want any more superlatives ? I don't know where you could find more in any one car.

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