1989 BMW Z1


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    18 000 mi / 28 969 km
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Anzahl der Türen 
  • Zahl der Sitze 
  • Standort
  • Außenfarbe 
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  • Kraftstoff 


- Low mileage 1989 BMW Z1
- Fantastic service history
- Single ownership since 1990
- Original BMW Z1 sound system

The first car out of BMW’ s new skunkworks “Zukunft”or “Future” department was the Z1. Designed to give fun-loving drivers the opportunity to own a futuristic concept car, the two-seater Z1 was first shown to the public in prototype form in August 1986, and 4 years later the Munich factory was producing 10 cars every week.
The BMW Z1 was a landmark car. The futuristic design featured a wide range of new ideas including a monocoque-styled steel chassis with a bonded plastic boot and resilient plastic body made from an elastic-synthetic material (a fancy recyclable thermoplastic). The body panels were designed to be removed easily, the factory claimed owners could replace them within 2 hours although this was somewhat optimistic. The doors were by far the most radical change to a conventional car designed to slide down inside the door sill on a mechanical belt system and could stay down while driving to give a real sensation of speed and theatre as the road rushed past your legs and feet.
BMW also payed close attention to aerodynamics with the Z1, borrowing technology from their racing programs to direct air flow under the car through the diffuser to create an F1-style ground effect system to improve handling.
The BMW Z1 we have for sale here is a fantastic example. Originally delivered to Germany in 1989 the new owner quickly imported it into the England before the car had been launched in the UK, making it the first Z1 on the road in Britain. The car was then sold to the current owner in 1990 who has retained since using it sparingly. The car has only covered 18,000 miles although only shows 6191 miles. The original was replaced after a fault in 2000 when the first speedo showed 12099 miles.

Excitingly this BMW Z1 was equipped with the incredibly rare BMW Z1 sound system which works perfectly today. Furthermore, this car comes with a very large history folder with yearly servicing and MOTs at BMW specialists in the Cotswolds. A large amount of invoices can be seen in the history folder showing how well this car has been looked after. This is further evidenced by the condition of the plastic body panels which show no signs of cracking in the usual Z1 weak spots such as the mounting points around the engine, the sill in front of the rear tyres or the around the door locks. All of these weak spots have been inspected and are in very good condition.

This Z1 therefore is a fantastic, low mile, rare car with careful long-term ownership with a history file to match. The car is available now for immediate inspection at The Classic Motor Hub.