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    155 450 km / 96 593 mi
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This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .The registration certificate does not have an expiry date.

On the bodywork aspect, the vehicle is absolutely flawless. Except for the front bumper and underside of the doors, all the paint is original.

Mechanically, the car runs perfectly well. Only problem: an ABS warning light is on due to a faulty sensor. Unfortunately BMW no longer manufactures this part. They wait for a relatively large number of orders before they produce it again. (This does not prevent the car from working perfectly).

The car has 4 power windows as well as air conditioning and a fabric interior. The car is of French origin.

The car is a 3rd hand (it has only had three owners therefore) and is currently reading 155 400 km. With maintenance booklet and a number of invoices that attest to its follow-up.

Currently located in Nice in the Maritime Alps in France.