1930 Berliet

VRC 12 HP Limousine


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- A premium body style
- Well preserved upholstery
- An original model
- No reserve

This Berliet 12 HP has an attractive limousine body style by J. Panel in Courbevoie. It uses the principles of the Weymann-style body construction consisting of a non-rigid mounting of a wooden frame on which a flexible material such as synthetic leather was stretched and attached. In addition to its lightness, this body style was distinguished by its silence and refinement. Inside, there is a wind-down separation between the driver area and the rear, and even if the roof is in poor condition, the fabrics and the rear door trims are still protected by covers. The conservation status reveals the care taken in the finish of the cabin, with rearward folding seats. The car is equipped with a rear trunk and a dash plate indicates that it comes from Château-Chinon in the Nièvre region. Under the hood, the four-cylinder side-valve engine is complete except for the spark plugs. The car features wooden wheels and has a spare tire on the left front fender, but the lamps are missing.

Berliet is part of the oldest French manufacturers, Marius Berliet designed his first car in 1895. The logo displays the front of a steam locomotive, in honor of the relicensing the manufacturer had signed with American Locomotive Company who wanted to add an automotive department. In the 1920s, the 12 HP was the spearhead of its car range, alongside the utilities that will gradually take a leading part. The one presented has the advantage of a rare and luxurious body, which deserves a beautiful restoration.