1956 Bentley S1

Sports Saloon (7401 model)


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    43 808 km / 27 222 mi
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- Invoices from the highly prestigious Padgett Motor Engineers for work on the chassis, rear body, mechanics and servicing.
- Long distance aluminium fuel tank fitted.
- Immaculate condition and ready to be driven.
- Odometer currently reads 43,808 miles.
- Rare body style (1 of 27 made worldwide).

The Bentley S1 4 Door Sports Saloon (7401) by H.J.Mulliner is an extremely rare model with just 27 of its type ever being built. When built, features included an aluminium body instead of the standard steel one, “suicide” rear doors and even an adjustable drivers seat that sat on extended rails. The model was sold at a 60-70% premium over the standard steel saloon. Despite its lighter shell and trimmed features, even by todays standards the 7401 is an indubitably comfortable ride. It’s believed that there are just 9 motors of its type still running in 2017.

This motorcar (B156BA, BF474) was originally supplied to HR Owen of London in 1956. The bill of sale, still present with the car, shows that the car was first delivered to Sheffield. Since then, the vehicle spent most of its life off the road in the USA before it was rescued and brought back to life by Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialists Bensport Ltd. The original H.J.Mulliner build sheets are present with the car, along with multiple restoration invoices, the most recent being from engineering specialists Padgett Motor Engineers in 2014. We spoke to Jeremy Padgett (Padgett Motor Engineers), a close contact of ours, regarding this immaculate car. Whilst working on the car he told us that the car is fantastic to drive, an opinion shared by ourselves and the current collection manager. This Bentley also comes fitted with the highly desirable long distance aluminium fuel tank, perfect for those long touring days.

The car is offered as part of a two car collection, however both cars can be purchased separately. When together, they make a powerful statement, combined with the matching colours it is an impressive spectacle. When apart, both cars still hold their own and would be a great addition to any classic car collection. Both cars start effortlessly, these are not museum pieces and have been setup/maintained to be driven. The current owners private collection manager has cherished these cars and has always ensured the cars do not sit stagnant whilst the owner is away on business. The cars are being sold to pave way for a very special project.

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