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    74 809 mi / 120 394 km
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Elegant lines, combined with an interactive driving experience make a Bentley Mk VI an ideal postwar choice. This example, B87EW is one of only 12 examples fitted open coachwork by H.J. Mulliner & Co. Of these 12, only 5 were built sporting this incredibly distinctive disappearing top (design 7121). These sculpted bodies were some of the last of H.J. Mulliner & Co. to encompass the art deco form.

B87EW was originally ordered through John Croall & Sons Ltd. of Edinburgh, by Eva S. Borthwick-Norton. Mrs. Borthwick-Norton was largely known as one of the wealthiest landowners in Great Britain, owning the village of Southwick near Portsmouth, England. A friend to Wallace Simpson, (Duchess of Windsor) she was also known for her significant art collection, ranging from Old Master paintings to Chippendale furniture. Records show that B87EW was completed in July of 1951, and finished in the clients preferred color, deep maroon, complemented by grey upholstery and highly figured walnut woodwork.

Mrs. Borthwick-Norton retained B87EW until 1953, when ownership passed to Mrs. A. Harcourt-Woods of Oxford. Four years later B87EW was sold to A. Tillotson of Bolton, Lancashire, England where it would remain for only a short time. In the early 1960s, this Bentley made its way to the United States and was purchased by Mr. Lee Mendell. Mr. Mendell of southern California, would retain B87EW for thirty years, and be the first to register it in the Bentley Drivers Club. In the late 1980s through early 1990s B87EW would benefit from a great deal of restoration work.

In 2007, B87EW was added to the highly esteemed car collection of Henry Petronis, of Easton Maryland. Mr. Petronis’s collection consisted of many other phenominal automobiles including a 1931 Bentley 8 litre Vanden Plas, 1927 Mercedes-Benz S-Type 26/180 Sportwagen, and a 1936 Bugatti T.57SC Atalante coupe, just to name a few. He would retain B87EW until his passing, when ownership transferred to the current caretaker.

B87EW has since resided in another high caliber private collection. It has continued to be very well looked after, and benefited from further enhancements, in addition to general maintenance. This has included fresh leather gator covers, replacement wheel bearings as well as the wheels being repainted and fitted with new tires. A great deal of re-chroming has also been done, including the headlight housings, headlight chrome, mirrors, and bumpers.

On the inside, B87EW was appointed new with ashtrays, Lucas mirrors, double-thickness floor mats, sun visors, a radio, a suitcase, and a special arrangement for the spare tire. The factory tool kit is still retained, fitted under the passenger side glove box, as is the operators manual. It’s Connelly hides remain supple, and are accompanied by color matching seat belts. The Wilton carpets are in excellent condition and the pedals show minimal wear.

Under the bonnet, the bulkhead retains the correct cream color. The factory flashlight is also present, overlooking a nearly spotless engine compartment. The manual gearbox is an absolute joy; easy to navigate yet still retaining a touch of Bentley’s sporting prewar feel. B87EW runs very well, and has most adequate power from its inline 6 cylinder engine fitted with twin SU carburators.

Not surprisingly, B87EW has placed second in class at both the 2019 Greenbriar and Radnor Hunt Concours d ‘Elegance as well as going on to win Best in Class in the St. Michaels 2018, Boca Raton 2019, Hilton Head 2019, and Philadelphia 2021 Concours d ‘Elegances. B87EW will also be a also be a most welcomed addition to any Rolls-Royce Owners Club or Bentley Drivers Club event.

It is now recognized as 1 of 3 surviving examples, and also the only one known to feature the elegant, unadorned trunk treatment. B87EW is a truly gorgeous coachbuilt!

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