1925 Avions Voisin C7

C7 Saloon par Gallé


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- Rare and unusual body
- Very fine finish
- Complete and sound
- No reserve

A Voisin by an exterior coachbuilder was very rare, and the one that its fitted on the car on offer is particularly interesting. Built by Louis Gallé, the car has a soft top and with very elegant curves along the flanks.
Author of the book "Les automobiles Voisin", Pascal Courteault, helped us to identify the model accurately. Here is an excerpt of his expert comments: "End of 1921, following the success of the big 4-liter, Voisin launched a more popular car, the C4, which was immediately successful. The car featured a Knight sleeve-valve engine of four-cylinder with a 1248cc capacity, which was then increased to 1550cc. Over 1200 units of the C7 would be manufactured, most with standard factory bodies, typical for the design of the brand, but the model on offer, one of the early ones of the series, is an exception. At the time of its launch, in 1924 the C7 chassis retailed for 25,500 French Francs, half the price of a 4-liter equipped with front brakes. With the objective of reaching a more modest clientele, the price of bodies made by Voisin for the tourer version of the C7 was about 11,000 francs, versus the 24,000 francs for the C3. Amongst the famous models of this type, the coupé-chauffeur made for Rudolf Valentino was the most emblematic of the success of the C7." The elegance and originality of this car is sure to appeal to the most discerning enthusiasts.