1925 Avions Voisin C3



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Engine 4 cylinder in-líne
Displacement 3.969 cc
Maximum power 90 HP
Maximum speed 110 km/h
Curb weight 1.750 kg
Coachwork type coupe de ville
Chassis number 3098
Country of origin France
Number built 1.450
Production span 1922-1929

Gabriel Voisin automobiles are distinguished by their advanced technical approach, reflecting the unique personality of their creator. Avant-garde mechanical design and brilliant performance turned them into the favourite vehicles of the elite. Louis Breguet, Max Linder, Man Ray, Anatole France, Le Corbusier, Rodolfo Valentino, Maurice Chevalier and other celebrities drove Voisins or were driven in one. In 1924 two C3L units served in the Elysee Palace, home of the French presidency, and there were three more in the royal court of Yugoslavia.

This unit, first to sport the Coccote, famous symbol of the brand on top of its radiator, appears in 1922 as long chasis version of the C3 (from 3,465 to 3,559 mm), an evolution of the C1 (1920-1924) already equipped with front brakes and cantilever suspension. The engine is a monoblock that uses the Knight sleeve-valve system, so appreciated -and improved- by Gabriel Voisin.

According to Amis de Gabriel Voisin group, there are just a dozen of C3L survivors. This is one of them. It was acquired in Barcelona at the end of the 50s by two young enthusiasts, Francesc Garriga and his brother-in-law Albert Cusidó. Its restoration process became long and difficult due to the lack of parts and misinformation. The car runs and drives as smooth as a Swiss clock, having taken part in several editions of the Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally. c