1933 Avions Voisin C 24

C24 limousine


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- Rare and original model
- Typical Voisin bodywork
- No reserve

To get out of the 1929 crisis, Voisin launched in 1931 a chassis with a six-cylinder 3 liter engine, the C23. The previous years had been catastrophic: customers for the bigger 6 liters 12-cylinder models had disappeared with the crisis, and in the 1932 catalogue, other than the newer C23, only the older C12 (4.5-liters) and the C16 (5.8-liters) remained, available only on special order.
In 1932, a lighter and lower chassis was developed, with an engine similar to that of the C23, but with improved performance: it is the C24 which sounded the death knell of the C12 and the C16 in 1933. The chassis was slightly lengthened and specifically the compression ratio was increased and two carburetors replace the previous single one, giving Voisin the opportunity to proudly announce: "For the first time ever a 3-liter engine without a supercharger has given a power over 100bhp." It is estimated that about a hundred chassis of this type, all with bodywork by Voisin, were produced. They can be compared to the Bugatti 57, which were about 20 % cheaper than the C24 Voisin when they were launched.
The car on offer is a C24 with a limousine body with jump seats, in a typical Voisin style. The side boxes are missing and the boot has been changed.

(Pascal Courteault, author of "Les automobiles Voisin")