1959 Autobianchi Bianchina Transformabile


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US title
Customs cleared in the EU

- Beautifully restored
- An attractive model
- Simple mechanicals

After launching the Fiat 500 in the late 1950s, the manufacturer decided to adapt its offer to a wider customer base, by developing a more luxurious version, targeting at a more sophisticated feminine clientele. Therefore Fiat used the Autobianchi brand, after Bianchi, who had earlier made motorcycles, trucks, and offered a range of small cars derived from the Fiat 500. The first model was the Bianchina Trasformabile, so called because it has had a roof that could be rolled back to reveal the rear. Much more elegant than the Fiat 500, it had a more pronounced front trunk and the accessibility to the engine was facilitated by a hood that opened more widely.
Having spent part of his life in the United States, this Trasformabile on offer was brought to Europe a few years ago. Since then it has undergone a complete restoration, which included the body, the interior and the engine, receiving materials as specified to this model. With a red exterior color and upholstery in both red and white, this sparkling car has a dainty charm thanks to its elegant silhouette and its fully folding roof.