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"Introduced for 1956, the Austin Healey 100/6 represented the most radical step forward in the development of the ‘Big Healey’. Despite its initial success, sales of the original Austin Healey 100 had begun to decline by the mid 1950’s and so the model was revamped as the 100/6 using the BMC 2.6 litre C-Series six-cylinder engine replacing the four-cylinder Austin Atlantic engine. This six-cylinder, pushrod engine produced 102bhp, twelve horsepower more than its predecessor, though the inevitable weight gain meant that there was little improvement in performance, the cars top speed remaining around 103mph. At the same time, the wheelbase was increased by two inches from 7’ 6” to 7’ 8”, which enabled the inclusion of two seats in the rear of the BN4 variant. Although stylistically very similar to the earlier model the 100/6 was nevertheless easily distinguishable by its ‘crinkle’ radiator grille and the bonnet top air intake. In 1957, an improved engine became available and this 117bhp unit was fitted to all the newly introduced BN6 two-seater roadsters. Top speed improved to 111mph and 1.7 seconds was cut from the 0-60mph time.
One of only 118 right hand drive cars built for the home market, this rare two-seater 100/6 left the factory on 13th June 1958 for its destination, Marshalls Limited in Cambridge. Not to be confused with a standard 100/6, MSV 500 was rebuilt by leading Healey race preparers Denis Welch Motorsport in the mid 1980’s with an aluminium body that had been custom made for Healey racer and collector Andrew Usher along with a period hardtop, as well as a mohair soft top hood, rare and extremely comfortable period style lightweight 100S Le Mans style seats and a Denis Welch Stage 3 fast road blueprinted engine that included; a lightened and balanced flywheel, gas flowed cylinder head, forged pistons, Denis Welch inlet and exhaust manifold, high flow aluminium radiator, fully baffled competition works style sump, competition clutch, side exhaust and 2” competition SU carburettors. Financial issues reportedly forced Mr. Usher to sell the car shortly after its rebuild to a relative of Denis Welch’s who kept the car for the next 26 years, having it looked after throughout by Denis Welch. Given its specification, the car could easily be adapted to race with only a few safety items to be incorporated. Indeed, the engine is essentially already race ready, making this car eligible for a number of historic events both on road and track.
Supplied with a V5 registration document, BMI Heritage Certificate, original chassis plate, file of receipts and a MoT test certificate valid until August 2023. With an estimated 175bhp on tap and in a lightweight aluminium bodied car, this wonderful and unique Healey is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to take it for a drive.

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