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    188 000 km / 116 818 mi
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    Volcano black pearl
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The Audi RS2, internally known as the P1, P for Porsche, is what many enthusiasts would consider the original Super estate. Clues to the Porsche collaboration are everywhere, the wing mirrors, the front bumper with its indicators and sidelights, the five-spoke 17-inch Carrera Cup wheels, look closely enough the brake callipers actually spell it out for you. The five-cylinder engine of the RS2 is derived from an existing Audi unit but underwent, like the rest of the car, substantial modifications by Porsche. The original KKK turbocharger was replaced with a larger one, complemented by a robust intercooler and upgraded fuel injectors. Additionally, a redesigned camshaft, an improved induction system, and a low-pressure exhaust system were introduced.

This particular Audi RS2 was specified in a Elegant Volcano Black Pearl exterior paint with black leather upholstery and carbon fibre inlays over the dashboard and door cards. Factory options include automatic air conditioning, electrically adjustable heated Recaro seats and electric windows. The car was sold new in Sweden where it between four owners spent its first two decades. Always kept well maintained and serviced, which the full Service Book is a testament to.

In 2010, The car was purchased by a Mr Peuch, who in 2015, moved to France, bringing his beloved RS2 with him. A year afterwards he sold the car to another enthusiast. During the new keeper’s time of ownership, the wheels were refurbished, while the badges, lower door trim strips, front radiator grille inserts, and front fog and indicator lights were replaced. Underneath, the car received replacement front shock absorbers, front top mounts, handbrake shoes, brake discs, brake pads, rear brake lines, rear top wishbone bushings and power steering hoses. The timing belt, electric auxiliary water pump and pulley, crank shaft seal ring, N75 solenoid valve, front auxiliary radiator, coolant reservoir, fuel pump, rear-to-front fuel lines, fuel filter, mass air flow sensor, and camshaft and crankshaft position sensors were all changed. The intake system has been pressure tested, while the turbocharger has been checked for play.

In July 2022, the car was acquired by MOTIKON. To ensure the car would drive as well as it presented we completed a full overhaul of the car.

The following work was done:

Period correct blaupunkt bremen SQR46 fitted.
TRK 4-wheel alignment
Gearbox renovation consisting of:

New Sachs clutch kit
New slave cylinder
New release bearing
New slide sleeve gearbox

Oils and filters changed
Spark plugs
New Goodyear F1 tires
The car now offered for sale presents an opportunity to purchase a well-maintained and documented example of one of the 2,900 RS2s ever built, benefiting from a recent overhaul. It represents a historic collaboration between two great German marques, resulting in the creation of the original “super estate”.


1994-12-02 Pre registered in Sweden.

1996-04-18 18,800 km Service SVW Din Bil Täby AB

1997-08-20 39,500 km Service Unreadable

1998-07-19 New owner: Mr. Lundström

1999-02-22 New owner Mr. Netterberg

1999-12-21 61,860 km Service Strömsengs Bilservice AB

2000-05-25 70,364 km Technical inspection

2000-09-01 73,984 km Service Strömsengs Bilservice AB

2001-05-02 82,937 km Technical inspection

2001-05-27 84,297 km Technical inspection

2001-08-30 89,991 km Service Lidingo Motorservice AB Audi VW

2002-01-12 New owner Mr. Palmlöv

2002-04-22 97,227 km Technical inspection

2002-04-23 97,186 km Service Arver Personbilar AB Audi

2002-07-01 99,891 km Service Hans Persson

2003-05-11 105,446 km Technical inspection

2003-05-15 100,548 km Service Mats Bilservice

2004-04-30 117,283 km Technical inspection

2004-10-21 120,860 km Service Unrecorded

2005-04-12 126,241 km Technical inspection

2006-03-14 132,524 km Technical inspection

2006-07-14 130,320 km Service Unrecorded

2007-03-12 139,223 km Technical inspection

2008-03-13 143,370 km Service Kantzowska Gymnasiet

2008-06-10 144,223 km Technical inspection

2009-04-22 147,369 km Technical inspection

2009-11-11 150,810 km Service Kantzowska Gymnasiet

2010-03-24 151,798 km Technical inspection

2010-03-26 151,867 km Technical inspection

2010-05-01 New owner Mr. Peuch

2011-07-11 162,337 km Technical inspection

2012-05-23 167,541 km Service Ace Competition

2012-05-23 167,626 km Technical inspection

2013-07-10 175,345 km Technical inspection

2013-07-10 175,323 km Service Din Bil

2014-06-19 180,158 km Technical inspection

2014-06-27 180,160 km Service Marc Auto

2015-12-10 187,558 km Technical inspection France

2015-12-30 Deregistered from Sweden

2016-02-05 Change of owner: Mr. Windey

2022-09-15 Change of owner: MOTIKON

2022-10-21 Overhaul MOTIKON

2023-08-29 Service MOTIKON

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